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17 July 2018
CRM and Trader’s Room start to work with UTIP Web API 2.0

The new version of Web Office 2.9 has been released. Now all WebOffice products: CRM, Trader’s Room and Pro Investor do not work directly with the trading base of the UTIP Server, but via Web API.

UTIP platform developers have released new API version for the UTIP Server. Afterwards team implemented functioning of CRM, Trader’s Room and Pro Investor via UTIP Web API 2.0 too.

Now Trader’s Room does not connect directly with the trading base, but requires data from the trading server via UTIP Web API.

The advantages of this data transfer method in Web Office 2.9:

  • The speed of getting respond to query has doubled.
  • Transmitted data security has been increased. Due to the use of a new data transfer protocol between Trader’s Room and the UTIP server, the hackers are less likely to intercept personal data of your customers.
  • As the number of queries to the trading database decreased, the stability and performance of the UTIP server increased.

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16 July 2018
Client base import in CRM

The import of client base has appeared in CRM as well as depositing and funds withdrawal has been improved and mass customization for clients’ actions has been optimized.

Instant client base import in CRM

In the new CRM it is now possible to load customer data independently. Form your own client base according to special template and click ‘Import’ button. Import function is available in two formats: xlsx or CSV.

Time saving when depositing/withdrawal of funds

Now broker can make deposits and withdrawals directly from CRM interface. Put a tick in the check-box in the pop-up window and change the request status to ‘Executed’.

Mass customization for clients’ actions

On ‘Clients’ tab broker is able to add the same type actions to several customers at once. Select all the necessary clients and click ‘New action’ button.

Contact Sales Department for more details regarding the UTIP CRM

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12 July 2018
New side menu in the UTIP Mobile 1.13

A new version of the mobile terminal UTIP Mobile 1.13 has been released. We have redesigned the main windows and adapted the mobile app for iPhone X.

UTIP Mobile 1.13 is a new side menu, redesign of controls and adaptation for iPhone X.

New side menu

UTIP Mobile 1.13 has a new side menu. With the help of it, it is convenient to switch between the main functions of the application.

Opposite the tab "Trade" the number of open positions is displayed.


We have updated the design of the following windows: «Quotes», «Chart», «Trade», «Report» и «Settings». All controls are placed on the bottom panel. And account information is available in the top panel.

Trade on iPhone X

The mobile app of 1.13 version is adapted to iPhone X screen size. Now the entire iPhone X screen is used for convenient trading, and there are no empty areas at the top and bottom of the screen.

Contact Sales Department for more details regarding UTIP Mobile 1.13.

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