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Company news
3 May 2024
UTIP at Money Exhibition Asia: Booth 38

Mark your calendars for the financial event of the year — Money Exhibition Asia in Bangkok on June 11-12. The expo aims to connect traders, brokers, investors, fintech companies, and other market participants from all over the world. The event will feature top industry players showcasing their products and services, as well as an educational conference and workshops led by industry experts.

At the exhibition, UTIP specialists will display the company's best solutions for brokers, discuss the benefits of the UTIP CRM, and introduce a special Entry package offer. 

Until the end of 2025, brokers in Thailand have the unique opportunity to test our products for free via Entry. Our focus on achieving substantial growth in this region drives our active investment in promoting the UTIP platform.

Visit booth №38 to meet our team in person and find out what we have to offer.

See you at Money Exhibition Asia!

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10 April 2024
UTIP CRM. April 2024

A new "Tickets" module has been added to the UTIP CRM 2.38.0 update for communication between the company's employees and traders. The "Calls" module has been moved to a new engine.

New "Tickets" module

The "Tickets" module allows you to effectively manage your clients' requests and improves quality of service. All tickets are conveniently organized on a single page featuring search and filtering options. Company employees can notify clients about important events on time, manage the status of tickets, view the history of correspondence, and much more.

Updated "Calls" module

The "Calls" module has been entirely moved to React. This resulted in a faster and more responsive interface. We have also updated the section design and improved its performance.

Please feel free to contact our sales department if you need any further information on the UTIP CRM 2.38.0.

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5 April 2024
MarketCheese. April 2024

The latest update of the MarketCheese analytical service covers the Economic Calendar and its visual layout alongside the event filtering by priority.

Economic Calendar updates

The Economic Calendar now offers the flexibility to customize the displayed information by selecting either the event's currency or country. The default setting is to show the country.

To adjust items to be viewed, keep the path: ‘’Settings→ ‘’Display parameters”.

The option of filtering events by priority has been advanced so that the events are now sorted by the sole or several priority precedence: low, medium, high. All the events are viewed by default.

We funnel our energy to make an Economic Calendar’s interface user-friendly and insightful. Our business analysts daily seed new economic events by getting its geography vast. Soon we'll be enriching the events base filtered by Turkey, Poland and South Africa.

Economic Calendar setup from MarketCheese to your website.

Feel free to share your market forecasts, read our research and integrate widgets into your website. Follow the MarketCheese website.

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