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Company news
16 July 2024
UTIP at Money Expo India: booth 49

On August 17-19, Mumbai will be the venue for the largest financial expo in India. It will bring together traders, investors, partners, tech service providers and other representatives related to the industry. Money Expo’s agenda includes the latest trends in investing and trading of financial products, interacting with foreign brands and gauging fintech know-how.

Our upcoming mission at Money Expo is to showcase a strong functionality of the UTIP CRM and the trading platform. And the final flourish is to introduce a special package offer, ”Entry”, which gives brokers from India and other Asian countries a chance to test UTIP products absolutely free of charge till the end of 2025.

The UTIP team will be glad to meet everyone in person and shed light on our recent development updates. Come to our booth 49.

See you at Money Expo 2024!

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2 July 2024
UTIP at Money Expo 2024 Bangkok

This time, one of the premier financial events, Money Exhibition Asia 2024, was held in Bangkok on June 11–12, gathering the community of traders, brokers, investors, fintech management, and the representatives of other related sectors by exceeding the number of 3 000. 

The event’s agenda included the presentation of development cases of the industry-leading service providers, the arrangement of workshops and an education conference by top fintech experts.

Regarding our mission list at MoneyExpo, the UTIP team showcased an “Entry” free package offer available till the end of 2025. We’re willing to grant a no-charge opportunity to test UTIP products for brokers originating in Thailand and other Asian countries. Our team also shed light on strong features of the UTIP CRM and trading platform.

The UTIP’s participation in the Money Exhibition 2024 Bangkok has turned out to be a new and fascinating experience. First time we’ve attended the expo in Bangkok with this organizer. The most crucial thing is that we could make our point and get useful business contacts.
We overall gauge the expo as a meaningful and successful event that exceeded our expectations. The collaboration with the expo’s participants ended up fruitful, so we signed win-win partnership agreements that will definitely make our company prosper.
Mila Pavlogradskaya
Business Development Manager

18 June 2024
UTIP CRM and UTIP Mobile Trader’s Room. June 2024

The UTIP CRM 2.39.0 release embodies the updated “Reports” section, the feature of ticket handling in the client’s card, a new right for the administrative staff, and logging in the client’s card. Meanwhile, with the UTIP Mobile Trader’s Room 1.19.0 release we’ve created the “Company documents” menu item and refreshed the “Accounts” and “Tickets” pages.

UTIP CRM: updated ‘’Reports’’ section 

The “Reports” section has been completely redirected to a new engine “React" so that it makes the interface more intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable. Furthermore, we’ve turned around the section design and made its performance enhanced.

UTIP CRM: ticket handling in the client’s card

The implementation of ticket handling in the client’s card gears to process trader’s matters in the shortest possible time, as well as view the communication history without turning back to the main section. This caters to having the communication streamlined and improving the customer service and experiences.

UTIP CRM: access restriction to the ‘’History’’ page

The admin staff has been given a new right to ensure customer data privacy. Now the access to the “History” page of the client can be blocked in order to protect their sensitive data from security leaks and third-parties access. This innovation ensures high levels of data protection and grants strong credit of trust to the company.

UTIP CRM: logging in the client’s card

With the current release, the client’s history logs two actions: phone view and deletion of the trader’s ticket so that it surges in transparency and control of the employees actions.

UTIP Mobile Trader’s Room: a new menu item “Company documents”

In the UTIP Mobile Trader's Room we’ve added a new menu item “Company documents” designed for information purposes of trades to view and read key corporate documents.

UTIP Mobile Trader’s Room: updated “Accounts” and “Tickets” tab pages

The “Accounts” and “Tickets” tab pages have been refreshed with a new design and made wider with functionality so as it ensures simplicity in their usage, effective account and ticketing system management.

For further information about the UTIP CRM 2.39.0 and UTIP Mobile Trader’s Room 1.19.0, do not hesitate to contact the Sales team.

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