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Company news
1 March 2022
WebTerminal. March 2022

We present you the first version of our new product, WebTrader 2.0. Now, a trading platform is operating on the React. We've updated the UX and integrated the chart and indicator library.

Now, atrading platform is operating on the React. This solution is a prerequisite for further integration of new services.

The UX has been updated by today's standards. In the meantime, when developing a new version, we adhered to the classical module layout tool. So, trading terminal comes bundled with its initial functionality and usability.

The chart and indicator library has been integrated to the platform.

Our future plans are:

● to launch the beta-version in the platform,

● to include Russian language into platform settings,

● to activate "Trading ideas",

● to activate "Economic calendar".

Get to know our WebTrader 2.0 and go over its features by using early access mode on the MarketCheese analytical service.

Please, contact Sales Department to get more detailed information about WebTrader 2.0.

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24 February 2022
UTIP Desktop. February 2022

Algotrading test version has been released in the Utip Desktop 2.29.0

Utip Algotrading is a solution featured with creating, activating and running trading robots in the Desktop version of the trading terminal.

A robot implements a trading strategy without you being online and controlling trading sessions. You can use various assets, set different boundary conditions, timeframes and so on.

You can create trading robots using C# language in the trading terminal editor’s note.

Contact Sales Department to get more detailed information about Utip Desktop 2.29.0 version.

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22 February 2022
MarketCheese. February 2022

The updated MarketCheese service has been featured a new «Web graph» section which allows users to trade on demo accounts.Also, a new interactive search has been introduced on the home page of the service.

Web graph

Web graph is a new Marketcheese service section featured with trading on demo accounts and testing the level of analytical and trading skills without real trading risks.


- Adding tickers to Watchlist the dynamics of which need to be followed.

-Flexible setting up of the displayed data in the list of necessary tickers (Watchlist).

- Setting up the type, style, and timeframe of the chart for each ticker.

- Using various instruments and indicators on the chart for more detailed analysis of the market.

- Opening and closing deals to buy and sell tickers

- Setting limits.

- Tracking the deals history. 

The search line is on the Home page

An interactive search line has been added on the home page of MarketCheese. It consists of two blocks: the search line and a line of tickers.

In the search line, it is possible to select a section where a search for your request will be proceeded.

The line of tickersrepresents two lines of tickers. Every ticker is a separate block which includes brief updated information:

- name of the ticker,

- current price,

- changes in %.

At first, the list of tickers includes standard sets for the Russian and English versions of the service. Later, the list will be updated with tickers mostly used by users. Also, these tickers will be provided in a special color.

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