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Company news
25 August 2023
UTIP at Forex Expo 2023 in Dubai: Booth №144

Dubai World Trade Center will be hosting the largest event of the Forex industry Forex Expo 2023, on September 26-27. The upcoming exhibition brings together traders, brokers, investors, and fintech service providers from all over the world. Attendees will be able to gain invaluable insights into the latest industry trends, share their expertise, and uncover new ways to interact with clients and partners.

This event is a great opportunity for us to build new partnerships and present you a wide range of UTIP products. In the meantime, we are focused on promoting the UTIP CRM and trading platform. Visit booth №144 to meet our team, learn about recent product developments and find out all the important information first hand. 

See you at Forex Expo 2023!

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21 August 2023
UTIP at Mumbai Money Expo India 2023

Money Expo India 2023 happening in Mumbai on 12-13 August, has been successfully held for everyone who's engaged in the Forex industry. The event united more than 2000 participants, i.e. brokers, traders, liquidity providers, lead generators, payment system representatives and other service suppliers. Money Expo attendees focused on building new partnerships; brokers demonstrated how to deal with account opening and Forex itself. Meanwhile, platform providers were showcasing their software know-hows to brokers.

UTIP Technologies Ltd. experts presented the CRM system with its advantages from an optimization standpoint. Moreover, we brought the UTIP platform and our adjacent partnership programs into the spotlight of the new market. 

We have gained a rewarding experience of meeting new prospective clients who made interest in the UTIP updated partnership programs. In the short term, our clients will be offered with new payment solutions, lead generators and other services designed for brokers.

Mila Pavlogradskaya

Lead Manager of the Partnership Department

9 August 2023
UTIP CRM. August 2023

The UTIP CRM 2.34.0 has been updated, thus introducing the following changes. The "Actions" page has been released with a new layout, while the "History" section has been revised to include the most recent events. We have also expanded the returned parameters of lead generator requests with fields from the client card, and added a new right, limiting contact data upload when exporting a client.

"Actions" on React 

The "Actions" page has been completely rewritten, using the React technology. Its design has also been improved. This contributed to higher page performance and faster interface response.

New events in the "History" section

The "History" section has been refreshed to display new events related to account changes. This feature allows you to track the employee's actions in more detail, such as creating, attaching, and deleting accounts.

Fields from the client card to be included in the returned parameters of lead generator requests

The returned parameters of lead generator requests have been expanded with additional fields from the client card. Therefore, lead generators are now able to pull in more data about the client from the CRM.

New right to limit contact data upload when exporting a client

We added a new right that restricts sales managers and administration staff from accessing client export functionality. By doing so, contact data security can be enhanced.

If you need more information about the UTIP CRM 2.34.0, feel free to contact our sales department.

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