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Company news
10 August 2021
MarketCheese. August 2021

We have developed the «Trading ideas» widget that can be embedded on your website for free. We have set up the function to «like» or «dislike» trading ideas and its comments. Plus, we have improved other service functions.

The "Trading Ideas" widget

We have developed a new «Trading ideas» widget that is provided by MarketChesse service for free. Now you can browse through the ideas on any websites. Just copy the embed code on the configurator page and place the widget on your website then.

«Likes» to ideas and comments

We have added the function of «liking» users'ideas and comments. You can put «Like» or «Dislike» to comments.

We are going to take into use «Trading ideas» rate in the next release. The best authors will be ranged according to the other users'likes.

Selecting several categories when creating new ideas

We have implemented the function of selecting several categories when creating new trading ideas. That allows other users to find posts of their interest more quickly.

Economic Calendar Update

We have updated the «Economic calendar» widget making changes to the events which no quantitative value is given for. For example, speeches of famous people or meetings. For such kind of events, history is displayed in a more user-friendly way of date and time.

Share your trading ideas, read analyst research and copy widgets on your websites. Visit MarketCheese website.

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6 August 2021
UTIP at FOREX EXPO 2021: booth #32

The greatest event in the Forex industry, Forex Expo 2021, is to take place on September 29thand 30thin the Dubai World Trade Centre. This event brings together banks, brokers, and other market participants to exchange their knowledge and experience and also find new clients and partners.

During the Expo, representatives of UTIP will present the company’s new concepts, show presentations of its products and answer all your questions.

At the conference, our speakers will perform with a review of the Affiliate’s Room and tell the audience about the benefits that it can bring as a marketing tool.

Come to our booth #32 to meet our staff, explore our latest concepts and get important information firsthand.

See you at Forex Expo 2021!

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4 August 2021
UTIP CRM. August 2021

CRM 2.23.0 displays additional information about requests and substitutes a prefix when dialing a number.

Additional information about the transaction

A display of additional information has been added in the requests.

If you create a new request in the Trader’s Room through custom automatic payment systems, a window with information on the request will appear in the CRM.

You can add your information to the req. For example, a card mask or payments errors from a payment system.

Prefix for phone numbers when calling through Commpeak

Now, when dialing a number through the Commpeak telephony plugin, a prefix will be automatically substituted, which the administrator can configure independently.

For more information on the work of UTIP CRM 2.23.0, please contact the Sales Department.

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