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Full set of software for Forex brokers
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UTIP Platform

UTIP Platform – is a ready-made set of programs for business organization on the currency markets. Platform automates all the necessary business-processes, it contains built-in system of orders execution and protects your data store from unauthorized access. Your clients will have all the types of modern and convenient trading terminals.

Along with the platform you will have high quality data feed and Trader’s room for the website. With a comprehensive solution, just in 24 hours you can start taking money and serving your customers. You can evaluate the breadth of UTIP platform capabilities in a detailed presentation.

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Web Trader
Well designed and modern Web terminal for trader. You can forget about downloading and setups.
Fast start of real trading and instantaneous transfer to account deposit.
PC Trader
Habitual PC terminal for professional traders. Multi-functional, powerful and reliable application.
Mac Trader
Fast and easy terminal for Mac OS users. Runs without Windows emulators and has a stylish modern design.
Mobile Trader
Active trading and maximum freedom for your clients. Enjoy your trading in any place with UTIP mobile terminal.
Trade Server

The main app of UTIP trading platform. Management of thousands trading accounts in offline mode and several thousands in online mode. Fast acceptance and processing of data feed with hundred instruments twenty-four seven. UTIP Trade server is stable, multi-functional and not demanding to the resources programing app.

Guard & Backup

The Guard services is providing continuous operation of the Trade server. In case of any technical glitch, it can restore its operability in 5 min. Saving of your data is provided by the Backup service. Clients’ and deals’ data are permanently stored as a backup on the local sever and additional remote server.


The UTIP platform contains built-in Smart Dealer, which is automatically processed all the requests of the customers, except the necessity of manual orders processing. Smart Dealer is choosing the more suitable terms for deals settlement


For STP brokers, which are choosing the A-booking model, we’ve developed a unique solution – Smart Dealer. With a help of it you can connect to any major liquidity provider, work with limited sum of money on the deposit and operate without any commissions and monthly fees.

Smart Dealer will advise you to choose clients for hedging. Herewith you can change the model from A-book to B-book on the client and vice versa just with one click. The clients’ positions output is processing automatically.


Data feed, dynamic graphics, «bulls» against «bears», referral programs and flexible registrations. You can realize necessary services for your clients on your website with a help of trading platform Web API or Trader’s room.

Hundreds of assets on 1 account
Forex and CFD
32 currency pairs with popular and exotic currencies, 48 CFD contracts on American shares, futures and metals.
Asian currencies and shares
Chinese, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysian currency pairs and shares of the major Chinese companies.
One click transfer from the Terminal to the Trader's Room
Transition from the Webterminal to the Trader's Room and back is performed without additional authorization
Payments in the Mobile Terminal
Traders do not have to waste time going to the Trader’s Room. You can top up your account directly in the Mobile Terminal. Available payment methods:
  • VISA/MasterCard
  • Bank transfers
  • Electronic wallets
For split second
Making deals are less than 1 sec
Deposit from $0 and no commissions
The best liquidity providers
Flexible system of trading settings
Convenient filters and reports
Client transfer from A-booking to B-booking and back with one click
Qualified data feed
UTIP platform server is getting the data from several resources at the same time, using the TCP or DDE protocol. Smart built-in mechanism of UTIP server edges data store, filters non-market quotes (pins) and switches between alternative sources if one of them fails.
0 USD from a lot
We don’t take commission from the lot and we don’t have a control over your transactions.
Web API - a program interface for accessing data and functions of the trading server.
By using the UTIP WEB API you can:
  • Develop your own Trader’s Room, Affiliate’s Room for partners and lead generators
  • Connect any CRM system
  • Upload real-time quotes or trade statistics onto your website
  • Generate any report
24 hours for the installation
48 hours for the transfer

Do you have hot customers? Do you want to start working as soon as possible? We are going to install the platform and Web Office in 24 hours.

Do you work as a White Label broker? You can become a complete broker in 48 hours. We are going to handle the question of clients’ transferring.

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Get consultation
We are ready to answer your questions and tell you more about our solutions.
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