Trader’s Room 2.0
Modern and mobile
Easy to work with
  • More information about trading

    All information on accounts, transactions and deposits is combined in one place. The client can review information about completed transactions, funds available and total profit.

  • More PSPs

    Easy payment acceptance. All popular PSPs have been plugged in Trader’s Room. Any other PSP can be plugged in by your request.

  • Loyal to traders

    You can answer your clients’ questions online through service-desk.


It is convenient for the trader to make regular actions from mobile devices.

Attractive, catching, modern…

Words fail to describe a new mobile version design.

Demo version
Pro Investor

New trust management opportunities

All large top brokers offer trust management service for clients. Create and expand your investors and managers network with the Pro Investor service and increase profit more than 2 times.

Pro Investor is a trader’s room extra module. It is provided separately.

More functional

  • More information about the client

    If you would like your client to specify the reliable data, use the client’s identity verification function.

  • Closer to CRM

    No confusions. All changes in the Trader’s Room are immediately displayed in CRM.

  • More corporate Trader’s Room

    To add own corporate style, to arrange elements in a usable order, to set up the displaying of important reports – all this is not a problem anymore. Use the API to bring your ideas to life in Trader’s Room.

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