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Company news
16 December 2022
UTIP Desktop. December 2022

The new release of UTIP Desktop 2.34.0 features a stable version of Algotrading, making it possible to develop, launch and manage trading robots on the platform. 

Development kits for trading robots

The terminal comes with an integrated software for developing trading robots that is based on the popular object-oriented programming language C#. This is a simple, reliable and scalable language with a huge community and multiple libraries for every occasion.

Code Editor

The code editor provides all the basic features a person may need. Within the editor, one can hide code blocks the conditional construct ones, for instance. So, there is a more comprehensive look at the code, without delving into specific blocks. The editor also supports automatic code formatting.


In the "Backtest" section, it is possible to test your trading robot on historical data before running it on a demo or live account.


The MarketCheese website offers extensive documentation on Algotrading. These data allow customers to resolve issues on their own while using a trading robot. In this way, there is less load on the technical support.


There are no unnecessary elements and countless buttons in the interface of the terminal. That’s why field titles and controls are fully representative. 

Please contact our sales department to find out more about UTIP Desktop 2.34.0.

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17 November 2022
The UTIP CRM and UTIP Admin. November 2022

The UTIP CRM 2.29.0 has been updated with the "History" section in the client card and search filters by certain parameters in the "Requests" section. The UTIP Admin 2.27.0 has been updated with a function of disabling email confirmation.

UTIP CRM: "History"

The client card has been updated with a new ''History'' section geared to track changes for a specific trader in one place. The "History" section records client data updates. Any time the information about who, when and what client data changed is available. Plus, it is available to view data that have been edited or deleted.

UTIP CRM: "Requests"

The "Requests" section has been updated with search filters: by desk, the responsible, status and payment system. Now information is quickly searched by the required parameters. For example, find traders' requests for the last month from a certain manager.

UTIP Admin

The UTIP Admin has been updated with a function of disabling email confirmation when registering a trader. So traders can immediately go down to business in the UTIP Trader's Room.

For more information about the work of the UTIP CRM 2.29.0 and the UTIP Admin 2.27.0, feel free to contact the Sales department.

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18 October 2022
MarketCheese. October 2022

In the forthcoming update of the MarketCheese service, “Forecasts” have been redesigned, focusing on the author. The “Chart” widget has been provided with an option to disable auto-scrolling and apply new drawing objects, i.e. “Wedge” and “Expanding Channel”.

The “Forecasts” section

This section will be published with an emphasis on the author and the forecast’s title. We have enlarged the user’s icon and nickname, and also removed unnecessary elements. 

New drawing objects on the chart

New drawing objects have been added to the “Chart” widget, including "Wedge" and "Expanding channel". 

Wedge. This instrument is similar to a symmetrical triangle, with the trend lines converging at the top. As a rule, the pattern suggests that a trend is likely to reverse soon. It is reliable if the pattern has been forming for a long period. The direction of the breakdown level defines whether the analyzed asset is worth buying or selling. If the "Wedge" is descending, then the asset is bought, in case it is ascending the asset is sold. 

The new drawing object will highlight the pattern in the analysis. So, there is an opportunity to make the right decision and share your thoughts by creating a forecast. The pattern style can be changed in the settings, along with the exact coordinates to be set. 

Expanding channel. This is another drawing object that highlights the pattern on the chart. It expresses uncertainty when there is no clearly defined trend. The pattern is often neglected by traders, but if handled correctly, it can predict price momentum with limited risks. 

Chart auto-scrolling 

A possibility to disable auto-scrolling of the “Chart” with quotes updating has been added to the widget settings. If auto-scrolling is disabled, the “Chart” won’t automatically move to the left after the new bar is formed. In case it is enabled, there will always be displayed the last formed bar. 

Description of Research 

All the rules for conducting research and evaluating indicators have been collected on the "Description of Research" page. 

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