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Company news
4 August 2021
UTIP CRM. August 2021

CRM 2.23.0 displays additional information about requests and substitutes a prefix when dialing a number.

Additional information about the transaction

A display of additional information has been added in the requests.

If you create a new request in the Trader’s Room through custom automatic payment systems, a window with information on the request will appear in the CRM.

You can add your information to the req. For example, a card mask or payments errors from a payment system.

Prefix for phone numbers when calling through Commpeak

Now, when dialing a number through the Commpeak telephony plugin, a prefix will be automatically substituted, which the administrator can configure independently.

For more information on the work of UTIP CRM 2.23.0, please contact the Sales Department.

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3 August 2021
UTIP’S Affiliate’s Room Turns One!

One of the priority areas of UTIP Technologies is working on the expansion of the platform’s infrastructure. Our specialists constantly develop new services and additional modules for brokers. One of the company’s new products became the Affiliate’s Room.

It’s been precisely one year since the app’s inception, and to mark this event we want to share with you the history of the product’s development and the results that our company has achieved over this time.

You can find out more about the Affiliate’s Room for forex brokers on UTIP’s website.

3 August 2021
Affiliate’s Room. August 2021

We’ve made an automatic login to the Affiliate’s Room 1.10.0 after registration, added tags for promo materials and made a "seamless" transition from the mobile Trader’s Room.

Automatic login into the system after confirming registration

After confirming an account in the Affiliate’s Room, an automatic login into the app is performed. You don’t need to re-enter login details.

Tags for promo materials

We’ve added the ability to generate an HTML-code and add tags to promo materials. Thus, in the reports, partners can track which channels new clients have come from.

The button of transition to the Affiliate’s Room has been added in the mobile Trader’s Room

Traders can move from the mobile Trader’s Room into the mobile Affiliate’s room and back in one click, without additional authorization.

To get more information about a new version of the Affiliate’s Room 1.10.0, refer to our Sales Department.

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