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Company news
12 August 2022
UTIP CRM and UTIP Trader's Room. August 2022

In the UTIP CRM 2.28.0 the ''Accounts'', ''Clients'' and ''Postback'' sections have been updated. A new plugin for telephony has been also integrated. In the UTIP Trader's Room 2.17.0 French and hints on the withdrawal form have been added.

UTIP Trader's Room: French

The UTIP Trader's Room has been updated with French to ensure convenient conditions of working with traders from France and Canada.

UTIP CRM: ''Employees'' section

The "Employees" section has been added with the icons of those responsible for desks and employee's rights. As a result, there's no need to get back to the card when using group operations for the right employees. Now, the table depicts another set of columns for making the information visualization more convenient.

UTIP CRM: "Accounts" section

The "Accounts" section has been updated with the "Real" and "Demo" accounts tabs. Just select the desired type, and the accounts of the fitted type will appear in the table.

UTIP CRM: ''Postback'' Section

The "Postback'' section has been updated with a field selector in the client card. It is aimed at indicating data fetched with the Postback from the client card to the specified handler. By way of example, to sort in the handler according to a certain criterion.

UTIP CRM: New plugin

The ''Plugins'' section has been updated with a new IP telephony service provider, VOIP+. To connect, contact the Sales department of the service provider.

For more information about the work of the UTIP CRM 2.28.0 and UTIP Trader's Room 2.17.0, feel free to contact the Sales Department.

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12 August 2022
MarketCheese. August 2022

In the forthcoming update of the MarketCheese service, “Ideas” have become “Forecasts”, publications and comments have now the “On moderation” and “Rejected” labels. The feature of copying a forecast from one service localization to another one has become available. Navigation of the financial glossary by section has been added in the footer.

Renaming ideas to forecasts

As part of the service optimization, "Trading Ideas" have been renamed to "Market Forecasts" - a generally accepted term. Share your thoughts on market movements, post your forecasts and read other analysts' forecasts on MarketCheese.

Status of published forecasts and comments

When publishing a forecast or comment, it has become possible to track their status using the labels "On moderation" and "Rejected".

The"Awaiting review" label means that the forecast or comment is being checked for compliance with the rules of the project.

The "Rejected" label is assigned if the rules of publishing forecasts or comments are violated. The reason for the rejection is indicated in the tooltip when hovering over the label. A rejected forecast or comment can be edited, and it will appear in the general feed after it has been moderated again. 

Copying forecasts from the Russian version of the site to English

If you have liked another analyst's forecast and want to add your views to it, or just want to publish your forecast in another language, it's now possible in one click. Go to the forecast, click the "Copy forecast" button and simply select the service localization where you want to publish it. The forecast will be published on the selected localization.

Glossary navigation

We have added navigation of the financial glossary to the site footer. At the end of each page of the service, the alphabet of the glossary is presented. Clicking on any letter will open a glossary page with the definitions beginning with that letter. This allows you to go to the glossary section or select the letter that a suggested term begins with from any MarketCheese page.   

Publish your market forecasts, read analyst research, copy widgets to your websites. Go to the MarketCheese website.

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9 August 2022
UTIP WebTrader New. August 2022

"Market Forecasts" as a new functional module has been added to the new release of WebTrader New 2.3.0. The ability to work with trading positions directly on the chart and drag and drop symbols in the list of favorite symbols in the "Overview" module has also appeared.

"Market Forecasts" — a new functional module

"Market Forecasts" as a new functional module has been added in this update. Now users of the trading terminal can view the materials of the MarketCheese analytical service: trading forecasts, thoughts on the short-term prospects of market movement and the results of technical analysis.

Publications are divided into categories: "Graphical analysis", "Indicators", "Indicators and reporting" and others. You can filter the feed by the topic of interest. The entire forecast feed is divided into "New" and "Popular" sections. This allows you to track the most relevant or the most interesting forecasts. 

Working with trading positions directly on the chart

The feature of modifying open positions and pending orders directly on the chart has been implemented for the convenience of traders. To change stop orders or shift the execution price of a pending order, the only thing to do is to move the price line on the chart.

Dragging symbols in the Overview module

The feature of independent editing of symbols’ position in the list has been added for traders after reviewing the interface of the list of favorite symbols.

You can open the chart from the Overview module by clicking on the symbol line.

For more information about the UTIP WebTrader New 2.3.0 trading terminal operation, feel free to contact the Sales department.

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