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Company news
18 July 2023
UTIP at Money Expo Mumbai 2023: booth №99

Mumbai will be hosting the largest financial exhibition in India on August 12-13. The event is expected to bring together various market participants, including investors, traders, liquidity providers, partners, etc. Attendees will be able to learn about the latest industry trends, get acquainted with the top trading solutions, as well as to interact with global brands and appreciate the most recent fintech innovations.

During the exhibition, the company’s experts are going to introduce the UTIP CRM and UTIP trading platform. Product presentations and speeches about the proprietary solutions are also a part of the expo agenda. 

Be sure to have a face-to-face meeting with our representatives at the exhibition. Visit our booth №99 and find out more details about the UTIP latest developments.

See you at Money Expo 2023!

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22 June 2023
UTIP — best trading platform in Asia: Wiki Finance Expo Singapore 2023 Results

The exhibition brought together speakers from various industries, including cryptocurrency, NFT, fintech, metaverse, web 3.0, cybersecurity, and educational technology. All the trade show attendees were invited to establish new business contacts and network with each other.

Our mission was to introduce the UTIP brand to potential customers in the Asian Forex market and showcase both the UTIP CRM and UTIP WebTrader New, along with their features and benefits. The company’s experts delivered multiple speeches on our custom-made solutions and interacted with a great number of people coming from the FX industry.

As a result of the exhibition, our team received the award for the best Forex platform in Asia.

Wiki Expo Finance is the final stage of the “UTIP Marathon” in May. Our brand recognition in the Asian and African regions has been improved, and we acquired new experience in representing the company to different markets and target audiences. 

Roman Kichigin

Leading Marketing Manager

21 June 2023
UTIP CRM. June 2023

The UTIP CRM 2.33.0 update implementation includes:authorization under the Trader's room user from the client card, display of phone number in the client table and card, as well as an automatic data update on the ''Trading Operations" tab.

Authorization under the user account in the Trader’s Room from the client card

As part of a complex UTIP CRM update, the client card has been introduced with the function to log in to the Trader's room under the user account. This functionality is adjusted within the appropriate rights.

Display of phone number in the client table and card

An ''eye'' icon has been added to the ''Clients'' table and client card to display the phone number so that it keeps data secure. An employee is able to view phone numbers within their rights. No more than one number can be seen at once.

Automatic Data Update

''Trading operations'' tab has been supplemented with an automatic data update. This allows you to get up-to-date information immediately, without having to go back to the terminal or updating the page.

Feel free to contact our sales department to find out more information about the UTIP CRM 2.33.0

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