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22 March 2018
PayAnyWay – payment solution for brokers with clients from Russia

One more PSP has been integrated into the UTIP Trader’s Room to accept the payments from Russian traders.

PayAnyWay remotely opens accounts for Forex brokers from any jurisdiction, except the USA. The payment system does not require Forex license from the broker. However, payment system may refuse to accept payments via Visa and MasterCard in case of license absence.

About the company


The company was founded in Russia in 2012.

PayAnyWay lets the broker choose by himself the payment methods which will be available to clients.

PayAnyWay uses payment card industry data security standards. The system uses two-factor customers authentication through 3DSecure and SecureCode.

According to the representatives of the payment system, PayAnyWay serves more than 500 clients for now.

Payment methods


PayAnyWay takes from 3 % for money deposit and withdrawal from the merchant account. The provider does not charge the plug-in commission.

PayAnyWay, DINPAY, MegaTransfer, Impaya, PaySeven, GoPay, Ecopayz, Cauri, OrangePay, PayBoutique, WinPay, RBK Money, SorexPay and Onpay payment systems are plugged in the UTIP Trader’s Room for today.

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6 March 2018
Qualitative data feeds in the UTIP

The method used to receive data feeds by the server has been updated in the new version of the UTIP platform Now data feeds throughput is 7 times higher and data feeds update several times per second.

The broker can offer his traders more instruments due to the new quick data feed. The traders by themselves can carry on more transactions as the orders are executed quicker.

Try the speed of orders execution right now.

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5 March 2018
Trust management in the new version of Trader’s Room Mobile

The UTIP developers have integrated ProInvestor module in the new version of Trader’s Room Mobile. Now the UTIP broker can offer his trader to use trust management service using mobile devices.

Base functions in the new format

Master accounts creation and management, money transfer and investing, accounts closing and other functions in the ProInvestor better format for Trader’s Room Mobile.

User-friendly «Master account» list

Base statistics and account profitability are represented in «Master account» list. Each account can be reviewed in detail and manager’s profitability graph can be analyzed within it. The offer «quick view» is available there too.

Master accounts sorting

Master accounts list is more usable to be reviewed now. «Master account» list is sorted by profitability, manager's funds or creation date in the new version of Trader’s Room Mobile.

Contact Sales Department for more details about the new version of Trader’s Room Mobile.

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