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30 May 2018
UTIP Trader’s Room 2.0

Welcome to the brand-new version of UTIP Trader's Room.

A lot of work on redesign, personalization and usability of the interface was carried out. We have added several useful functions and improved already existing ones. This is no longer just Trader’s Room in front of you, but a whole panel to manage accounts and deposits.

And more detailed info now…

Snap-on registration

UTIP Trader’s Room 2.0 registration became quicker and easier. The trader has to fill minimum number of fields – and the account is opened.

At the same time, we had taken care of protection from bots and built Invisible Captcha from Google in the registration form: less troubles for sales managers, the server works faster.

All functions – one management panel

The colorful and visual Trader’s Room home page contains all the necessary information. Summery on all trader’s accounts is here and each account is complemented with an attractive graph and information on profit.

Any account can be deposited here, as well as all successful transactions can be reviewed. And useful navigation bar in the left provides fast access to other important Trader’s Room functions.

Clients won't miss any special offer

The broker can place a huge billboard with the last special offers or news. Animated billboard looks especially impressive.

Inform your traders about your special offers in simple and attractive manner.

Personal manager

New block “Your personal manager” has appeared in Trader’s Room. Contact details of the manager, attached to the particular trader, are displayed in this block. Thereby the trader can quickly address his issues.

Information about manager is automatically loaded from CRM or entered manually.

User verification

Another useful novelty for the broker is customer verification. Clients identification is necessary to fulfill regulators and payment systems requirements.

The broker can choose the way to verify users:

  • No restrictions for users;
  • Set a ban on opening an account before verification;
  • Allow to open and deposit the account, but prohibit trading on it and withdraw money before verification;

Appreciate our new Trader’s Room 2.0:


Contact Sales Department for more details regarding UTIP Trader’s Room 2.0.

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25 May 2018
Guest mode in Web Terminal

In the new version of Web Terminal the training account can be opened by just 1 click. The trader is not required to fill registration forms and enter personal information. Saving time on these procedures the user can immediately get into the terminal interface and get acquainted with its opportunities.

To maintain normal server health, the training accounts are automatically deleted in 24 hours.

Guest mode has been integrated into web- and mobile terminals and can be deactivated at broker’s request.

Contact Sales Department for more details regarding new version of Web Terminal.

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25 May 2018
Users’ accounts registration in CRM

Accounts registration in CRM

In new version of CRM managers can register new users accounts directly from CRM interface.

The manager has to select the client and push the “Register” button. Login and password are automatically sent to the client’s mail to sign in the Trader’s Room.

Other useful features

  • Printing reports directly from CRM has been added. The report form and all formatting conditions are saved.
  • The information retrieval in reports has been improved. The information can be found, for example by account number or user name for now.
  • The possibility to change user account type inside CRM has been added.

Contact Sales Department for more details regarding the UTIP CRM

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