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Company news
9 August 2022
UTIP WebTrader New. August 2022

"Market Forecasts" as a new functional module has been added to the new release of WebTrader New 2.3.0. The ability to work with trading positions directly on the chart and drag and drop symbols in the list of favorite symbols in the "Overview" module has also appeared.

"Market Forecasts" — a new functional module

"Market Forecasts" as a new functional module has been added in this update. Now users of the trading terminal can view the materials of the MarketCheese analytical service: trading forecasts, thoughts on the short-term prospects of market movement and the results of technical analysis.

Publications are divided into categories: "Graphical analysis", "Indicators", "Indicators and reporting" and others. You can filter the feed by the topic of interest. The entire forecast feed is divided into "New" and "Popular" sections. This allows you to track the most relevant or the most interesting forecasts. 

Working with trading positions directly on the chart

The feature of modifying open positions and pending orders directly on the chart has been implemented for the convenience of traders. To change stop orders or shift the execution price of a pending order, the only thing to do is to move the price line on the chart.

Dragging symbols in the Overview module

The feature of independent editing of symbols’ position in the list has been added for traders after reviewing the interface of the list of favorite symbols.

You can open the chart from the Overview module by clicking on the symbol line.

For more information about the UTIP WebTrader New 2.3.0 trading terminal operation, feel free to contact the Sales department.

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22 June 2022
UTIP WebTrader New. June 2022

In June we have released a beta version of a new trading terminal — UTIP WebTrader New 2.2.0. As part of the beta version you can get familiar with a fully-ranged terminal's functionality and evaluate the convenience of the new trading platform.


We have thoroughly worked on the new trading terminal interface for the convenience of the traders. We have kept the classic layout of the interface, made it user-friendly for beginners and usable for the experienced.

Most of the workspace is graph-applicative, so that there's a focus on technical analysis. Therefore, it is now more convenient to work with indicators and other tools.

It is also now possible to work in the terminal without being authorized and go to the UTIP Trader's Room in one click.

Trading terminal

The functionality of the trading terminal has been updated. Now there's no need to open multiple tabs to place orders. This makes the interaction with the interface easier. In addition, we have implemented convenient volume presets when opening a position and optimized the stop orders operation. We have revised the structure of the symbol list and simplified the search and addition of new financial instruments. Tracking changes in price over different timeframes has been also added.

UTIP WebTrader New is actively developing, and in the upcoming releases it is planned to add several large analytical modules, as well as to integrate new tools for technical analysis.

For more information about the UTIP WebTrader New 2.2.0 contact the Sales Department.

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15 June 2022
MarketCheese. June 2022

The Marketcheese service has been updated with the new drawing objects in the "Chart" widget and the feedback form. Moreover, we have added ''News'' as a new section, where up-to-date and noteworthy events in the world of economics will be released.

New drawing objects on the chart

Working with the Chart widget has become even more user-friendly — we have added new drawing objects:

●     triangle,

●     area,

●     pencil,

●     marker.

These instruments serve as a tool that visualize more pointedly the display of the patterns and figures of technical analysis, support and resistance zones, trend lines and channels for financial instruments.

A direct switching to the terminal by clicking '' Open in the terminal'' is available now.

Feedback form

It's now even easier to contact us. If you're questioned about the service or widgets, or you're intended to interact with us, contact us by using the feedback form. Just click ''Contact us'', enter your name & email and send a message. No doubt your request will be replied.

The "News" section

This section will be published with the up-to-date and important news from the world of economics and other related sectors. We will also make reviews on companies and other equally good copies.

The information will be categorized, so that everyone can easily extract useful information. The latest and most interesting news will be posted on the main page of the MarketCheese service.

Publish your trading ideas, read analyst research, copy widgets to your websites. Go to the MarketCheese website.

Follow the latest news in the News section on our website.