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Company news
21 June 2023
UTIP Technologies Ltd. at Traders Fair Philippines 2023

Traders Fair welcomed market players and other representatives of the Forex industry from all over the world in Manila on May 20. The trade show was hosted by FINEXPO, a FX event company with more than 20 years of expertise. Educational seminars and workshops with industry practitioners were the major part of the Fair. Visitors also had a chance to interact with global brands. 

The UTIP team attended Traders Fair Philippines to promote our corporate brand in Southeast Asia. Moreover, we were able to receive an award from the expo organizers. 

Manila was a great place for us to get a true sense of how hospitable Asia can be. Here we met all the exhibitors, made important connections and gathered feedback that will be helpful for us in the future development.
Ksenia Korotaeva
Leading Sales Manager 


20 June 2023
UTIP WebTrader New and UTIP Mobile “My Trading”. June 2023

The UTIP WebTrader New 2.7.0 has been updated with an economic calendar and notifications on the automatically completed actions. Moreover, the platform has been enhanced with an iFrame mode, and German has been added to the language panel. The UTIP Mobile “My Trading” 1.40.0 has also been supplemented with trading tips, symbol selection module on the chart and updated ''Market Forecasts'' section.

UTIP WebTrader New: Economic calendar

The new version of WebTrader 2.7.0 has been launched with a new functionality for analysis - a calendar with economic events. Displayed as a separate module, it allows you to view recent economic events alongside the chart. 

The calendar displays the results of reports published by economic regulators and analytical agencies. Each event matches a certain group of symbols that it can affect. Events can be divided by the country, economic segment and assessment scale (importance). The card shows the history of changes made with the event indicators, as well as their predicted values. 

An economic calendar facilitates "event trading", a popular method to operate on the Forex market.

UTIP WebTrader New: WebTrader New in the iFrame mode

Now you can use WebTrader New directly from the Trader's room. A market player is able to open the platform and access full functionality without having to go back to the Trader's Room.

UTIP WebTrader New: Notifications on the execution of pending orders and position closure

For user convenience, pop-up notifications have been introduced for automatically performed actions, for example, the execution of a pending order, position closure by a stop order, or a margin call.

UTIP WebTrader New: German localization

We continue to develop the trading terminal and make it available for market participants from all over the world. The update implementation includes: German localization for WebTrader New. This is the fifth language in the panel after English, Russian, Spanish and Polish.

UTIP Mobile “My Trading": Trading Tips

Along with the WebTrader New update, a new version of the mobile terminal has been supplemented with trading tools. They are placed in the most popular modules of the terminal, namely in the symbol specification, portfolio, order setting and modification windows. These tips describe the basic trading terms that will help a market player keep up with the nuances and become more confident to start trading.

UTIP Mobile “My Trading": Symbol selection on the chart

A symbol selection window has been incorporated into a chart tab, which makes the work with the chart more convenient. The window has a user-friendly search bar, as well as a list of symbols with the corresponding categories. This approach boosts the efficiency of searching and provides a clear navigation in the list of available options.

UTIP Mobile "My Trading": Updated "Market Forecasts"

The UX design of the "Market Forecasts" section has been significantly altered. The option of switching to the symbol chart where the forecast is made, has been introduced. Furthermore, it has now become possible to view images on the forecast card. Opening, enlarging and rotating images greatly improves the user experience.

Feel free to contact our sales department to find out more information about the UTIP WebTrader New 2.7.0 and UTIP Mobile “My Trading” 1.40.0.

Stay tuned with the latest news in the News section on our website!

9 June 2023
UTIP attends Finance Magnates Africa Summit 2023

The Finance Magnates Africa Summit 2023, a major event for Forex market players, was held in Johannesburg on May 8-10. The occasion brought together more than 2,000 participants, including brokers, traders, liquidity and platform providers, lead generation companies, payment processors and other service suppliers. Summit participants established new business contacts; brokers opened accounts and trained traders; and platform providers presented their software solutions and software brokers.

At the expo, UTIP specialists presented our CRM, showcasing its advantages in terms of speeding up and simplifying business processes. We also entered a new market and established contacts with promising partners and clients.

We keep evolving, offering innovative solutions to our customers and building new, reliable partnerships. This time, we presented our platform and tools to the South African market, which is completely new to the company. Our products, their features and possibilities have aroused great interest among potential customers.
Alexandra Nurulina
Senior sales manager