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Company news
15 June 2022
MarketCheese. June 2022

The Marketcheese service has been updated with the new drawing objects in the "Chart" widget and the feedback form. Moreover, we have added ''News'' as a new section, where up-to-date and noteworthy events in the world of economics will be released.

New drawing objects on the chart

Working with the Chart widget has become even more user-friendly — we have added new drawing objects:

●     triangle,

●     area,

●     pencil,

●     marker.

These instruments serve as a tool that visualize more pointedly the display of the patterns and figures of technical analysis, support and resistance zones, trend lines and channels for financial instruments.

A direct switching to the terminal by clicking '' Open in the terminal'' is available now.

Feedback form

It's now even easier to contact us. If you're questioned about the service or widgets, or you're intended to interact with us, contact us by using the feedback form. Just click ''Contact us'', enter your name & email and send a message. No doubt your request will be replied.

The "News" section

This section will be published with the up-to-date and important news from the world of economics and other related sectors. We will also make reviews on companies and other equally good copies.

The information will be categorized, so that everyone can easily extract useful information. The latest and most interesting news will be posted on the main page of the MarketCheese service.

Publish your trading ideas, read analyst research, copy widgets to your websites. Go to the MarketCheese website.

Follow the latest news in the News section on our website.

3 June 2022
UTIP Desktop. June 2022

A new release of the UTIP Desktop 2.31.0 is featured with a beta version of UTIP Algotrading, a solution for self-development of trading robots.

UTIP Algotrading

UTIP Algotrading allows to independently develop trading robots, run them and manage them in the Trader’s Desktop Terminal.

Robots execute a trading strategy without constant monitoring by the trader. When writing trading robots, traders can use many assets in their strategy, set various boundary conditions, time periods and much more. 


  •  Saving time in trading.
  • Speed of transactions.
  • Lack of human factor and emotional decisions.
  •  Ability to work 24 hours a day.
  • High quality diversification.
  • Wide range of assets and strategies.

Integrated code editor

The Desktop Terminal has an integrated environment for writing trading robots in the popular object-oriented programming language C#.


On the backtesting tab you can:

  • Test robots on historical data and evaluate any trading idea or hypothesis objectively.
  • Reveal (or not) the statistical value of a trading strategy.
  • Optimize and improve the strategy that deserves the right to live trading.

Please, contact Sales Departmentto get more detailed information about the UTIP Desktop 2.31.0. 

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7 April 2022
MarketCheese. April 2022

In the MarketCheese service update a convenient search in the “Analytics” and “Markets” sections has been added. In the mobile version of the service a transfer to the mobile trader’s terminal has been implemented.

Search in the “Analytics” and “Markets” sections

You can now use a local search in the “Analytics” and “Markets” sections. This makes it easier and faster to find the right trading ideas, research, events and symbols.  

Transfer to the mobile terminal

The mobile terminal can now be accessed from the MarketCheese service. To do this, log in on the website from your mobile device, go to the menu and click the “Web graph” button.

All functions of the desktop version are available in the mobile terminal.

Publish your trading ideas, read research of analysts, copy widgets to your web sites. Link to our MarketCheese website.

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