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Company news
21 October 2021
MarketCheese. October 2021

In the new release of the service, we have added a rating for authors of trading ideas, the ability to copy ideas and a new block named "Market Impact" in the economic calendar.

Rating of authors of trading ideas

A rating of the best authors has been added to the trading ideas section. Places there are distributed according to the popularity of the authors’ publications - the more likes the author's trading ideas get, the higher he/she is in the rating.

Each market segment has its own independent TOP, but any author can hold a leading position in several segments. To do this, they just need to publish trading ideas that will be of interest to other MarketCheese users.

Copying trading ideas

Now you can copy other authors’ ideas, supplement or contradict them.

You can also copy your ideas. For example, you want to publish several similar trading ideas: create a chart for the first one, publish it and then simply copy, supplement and publish the next one.

When you copy an idea, the entire content of the chart is saved:

– tickers;

– timeframe of tickers;

– all added drawing objects;

– technical indicators.

After copying, the entire content of the idea can be changed: add or remove unnecessary elements.

Related symbols in the calendar

The “Market Impact” section has been added to the economic calendar widget. It displays a list of symbols for each event with the currency pairs that are affected.

By clicking on any of the currency pairs, the “Symbols” page will open with information about this pair. It also contains:

- trading ideas related to the selected symbol;

- upcoming economic events and indicators;

- a summary table for the most important economic macro indicators.

Publish your trading ideas, read analyst research, copy widgets to your sites. Go to the MarketCheese website.

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19 October 2021
UTIP Mobile. October 2021

A new section with key economic indicators of countries – "Economic Calendar" has been added to the mobile trading terminal 1.30.0. Trading and analytics are now in one application.

New section «Economic calendar»

The section contains cards with economic events. Analyzing the news from the financial markets, traders will be able to competently build strategies for making deals. The cards contain all the data they can use to navigate:

– the name of the event;

– time;

– country;

– previous, predicted and actual value.

The provider of economic events presented in the calendar feed is the MarketCheese information and analytical service.


For more information on the operation of the mobile trading terminal 1.30.0, please contact the sales department.

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13 October 2021
The Affiliate's Room and UTIP CRM. October 2021

The function of setting own partnership types has been added to the Affiliate's Room 1.11.0. UTIP CRM 2.24.0 provides the Postback support and a brand-new "date picker" interface.

The Affiliate's Room: Setting the partnership types and manual rewards

Now brokers can independently set their own partnership types and define any conditions for them in the description.

Update Features:

– You can create as many new partnership types as you want with different conditions and assign them individually for each partner.

– It is necessary to charge remuneration to the affiliate's account manually.

– The broker can assign the partnership type in the affiliate's card.

– The affiliate can opt the appropriate partnership type when logging in to the Affiliate's Account.

UTIP CRM: Postback Support

Now it is possible to send a number of events from the UTIP CRM to the external system: deposits, trader status change etc. For example, the lead generator can get a real-time information on client’s status changes and its deposits.

Currently, three types of events can be sent out:

– the client's first deposit;

– deposits;

– the client's data change.

UTIP CRM: New "Date Selection" interface

Date and time picker has become more user-friendly- we have improved the design and mechanism of the interface.


For more information about the work of the Affiliate's Room 1.11.0 and UTIP CRM 2.24.0, contact the sa les department .

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