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Company news
6 April 2022
UTIP Mobile. April 2022

UTIP Mobile 1.33.0 has been updated with a new section with trading ideas, a card with the information on opened positions in the ‘’Portfolio’’ and a swiping feature when modifying and closing positions have been implemented.

A new "Trading Ideas'' section

Traders can view estimates and recommendations from foreign authors and apply them in their trading strategies. Ideas can be arranged by the time order or their widespread use. MarketCheeseanalytical service provides data for this section.

The Portfolio section updates

A new form has been added to the "Portfolio". Now, when clicking on a market or a pending order, a card with a detailed information on these orders is displayed:

– stop-orders;



– other parameters.

In addition, swipe feature simplifies the process of closing or modifying positions. Just swipe the position to the left.

Please, contact Sales Department to get more detailed information about the UTIP Mobile 1.33.0

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4 April 2022
UTIP CRM and the Trader’s Room. April 2022

A new "Accounts" section has been added to the new UTIP CRM 2.27.0 release. The design of the Trader's Room has been updated.

UTIP CRM: New "Accounts" section

The "Accounts" section can operate with co-located traders' accounts: without additional transitions to Trading Terminal and the Admin's Room. For example:

  • deposit and withdraw funds from the balance;
  • change the type (group) of an account;
  • view all accounts and filter table;
  • delete accounts.

Trader’s Room: the updated design of login pages

The login pages design was updated: the style has been changed to the modern light style and UX has been enhanced.

For more information about UTIP CRM 2.27.0 and the Trader’s Room, please contact our Sales Department.

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4 April 2022
The Affiliate's Room. April 2022

A new type of «Profit & Loss» partnership has been implemented in the 1.14.0 Affiliate’s Room and an automatic transition button has been added to Trading Terminal.

New type of «Profit & Loss» partnership

Affiliates receive a remuneration for their referrals’ trading activity in a new type of the «Profit & Loss» partnership.


● Affiliate receives a remuneration if a trader completely or partially closes the order.

● Amount of remuneration depends on the result of a trader's deal.

● Affiliate receives a remuneration only if the order passed the specified minimum distance in points.

● Remuneration is credited to the Affiliate's Account automatically.

● For each Affiliate, individual remuneration terms can be set.


The Affiliate’s Room transfer to Trading Terminal

A button has been added to the Affiliate's Account to get into Trading Terminal without a login and password. To log into Trading Terminal, you need a single Affiliate-Trader account.

For more information about the 1.14.0 Affiliate's Room, please contact our Sales Department.

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