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Company news
26 July 2021
UTIP Mobile. July 2021

In UTIP mobile 1.28.0, we have added a “Trader’s Room” button and implemented “seamless” redirection from the mobile trading terminal to the mobile personal account.

“Seamless” redirection works without entering your account details and wasting extra time

The new feature has been implemented in the form of an ecosystem which offers traders various ways to use the app’s services. After redirection from the mobile terminal to the personal account, the trader can:

-Open a new trading account

-Top up a trading account

-Transfer funds from one account to another

-View their trading history

-Submit queries to the broker’s technical support team

This functionality is available both for the mobile app and the web version of the mobile trading platform.

To get more information about new versions of the mobile trading terminal 1.28.0 and mobile Trader’s Room 1.5.0, refer to our Sales Department.

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29 June 2021
MarketCheese. June 2021

In the new update of the MarketCheese service, we have released a new section "Trading Ideas", which users can fill in on their own. We have redesigned the Economic calendar widget and updated the charts functionality.

Trading Ideas Section

We have released a new section on the site – "Trading Ideas". Each user of the service can now publish their forecasts, propose hypotheses for discussion, share the results of the conducted analysis, as well as, thoughts and advice for other traders. Also, trading ideas can be discussed in the comments. You can also subscribe to the author you like and be the first to know about new publications.

To start sharing your ideas and participating in discussions, you need to register.

Updated Economic Calendar

We have improved the section with detailed information on economic news and singled out three main tabs:

Description. It contains: the date of the next release, the frequency of publication of data by indicator, a detailed description, the link to the original source, the effect on the currency, etc.

History. It displays all data for a given event, including the publication date, actual, projected and revised values.

Chart. You can see the actual and projected values of currencies on it. This will help you analyze the resulting difference between values over an interval over the past five years.

Updated Chart Functionality

The ability to add a text and rectangles to the "Charts" widget has been added.

Text. You can leave comments and explanations directly on the chart. You can control the form of the text: choose the font size, colour of letters and the background, change the font style and much more.

Rectangle. Each rectangle can be stylized separately with the help of the design settings: set the background colour, transparency, outline styles and more.

Publish your trading ideas, read analyst research, copy widgets to your sites. Go to the MarketCheese website.

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25 June 2021
UTIP CRM. June 2021

We have added the ability to massively delete employees from the system in the CRM 2.22.0. We have optimized the functionality of importing clients: we have added a page with a table of importing clients.

Mass removal of employees from the system

In the CRM, it is now possible to massively dismiss and delete employees, without going to the card for each of them. To do this, select the necessary employees and click on the buttons that appear: "Dismiss" and "Delete".


● When an administration employee responsible for a partner is dismissed and deleted, the system will offer to appoint a new responsible person from the list of available employees.

 ● When a sales manager responsible for customers or actions is dismissed and removed, the system will offer to appoint a new responsible person from the list of available employees.

 ● When a sales manager responsible for a desk is dismissed and deleted, the system will warn about the impossibility of performing the operation.

Optimized client import functionality

We have added a page with a table for importing clients. Now there is no need to wait for the import of clients to be completed. Employees can view the import status at any time, download a file with errors, or delete completed operations.


● Clients are imported from files starting from the first one added.

● An employee can only track their own import operations.

● File size limit: 5 MB and no more than 70,000 clients.

● The import process does not depend on third-party services.

For more information about the work of the UTIP CRM, please contact the Sales department.

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