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Company news
10 December 2021
Affiliate’s Room and the UTIP CRM. December 2021

The ability of applying individual remuneration terms for partners has been added to the Affiliate’s Room 1.12.0. In the UTIP CRM 2.25.0, the "Employees" page has been updated, and a new event has been added to the Postback.

Affiliate’s Room: Applying individual remuneration terms

Now, it is available to apply individual remuneration terms for partners using "On the first deposits" partnership. Brokers can define an individual remuneration share and a Hold time.

UTIP CRM: New "Client Creation" event in Postback

The tasks relating to the CRM client creation from all the sources (except the import):

– manual creation;

– adding via the API;

– trader registration.

UTIP CRM: Updated "Employees" page

–improved a scrolling engine;

–updated the design;

–made the performance faster.

Contact Sales Department to get more detailed information about Affiliate’s Room 1.12.0 and the UTIP CRM 2.25.0.

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9 December 2021
Trader's Room. December 2021

In the Trader's Room 2.14.0, the “Market State” widget has been updated, phone numbers have become not allowed to be changed by unverified traders, and the ability to leave comments in the withdrawal request has been added.

Updated "Market State" widget on the main page

The settings that can be used to rearrange the "Market State" widget on the main page in the Trader's Room have been added.

Now the widget displays the most popular tickers in the installed segments. There are 3 widgets displayed always and each of them contains its own set of tickers. To view a market segment in more detail, click on the "Show more" button located under the widget.

Correction of Email when registering a trader

The ability to change the Email specified during registration, in case of an error without losing the entered data has been added.

If the trader has filled in all the fields during registration and made a mistake in the email, he will only need to re-enter the Email. And the data in the other fields will remain filled in.

Ban on changing the phone number for unverified traders

Now brokers can prohibit unverified traders from changing their phone number on their own.

To change the phone number, traders need to send a request to the verifier's email.

Comments in the withdrawal request

The ability to add a comment when creating a withdrawal request has been added.

For more information about the new versions of the Trader's Room 2.14.0, please contact the Sales Department.

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3 December 2021
UTIP Mobile. December 2021

In the mobile trading terminal 1.31.0 update, a filter system has been implemented in the "Economic Calendar" module. Now, the search for events became convenient and quick, and the descriptions in the event cards became more detailed.

Filters in the "Economic Calendar"

A filter system from the MarketCheese information and analytical service has been integrated into the "Economic Calendar". Now, calendar events can be sorted by:

– the degree of importance;

– countries;

– categories.

When searching over specified parameter values, traders will be able to quickly find information about upcoming and past events.

Detailed descriptions in the event card

Now, when clicking on the economic event card, a form with a detailed description, a summary of statistics and history will be opened. It will be easier for traders to be in on the market situation and quickly react to changes while being in the one application.

Please, contact the Sales Department to get more detailed information on operation of the trading terminal 1.31.0.

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