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New reports in CRM
5 December 2017

New types of reports have been added in the last UTIP CRM version: Report by sales, Report by payment systems and Report by period.

You can run your business more effectively by now.

Report by sales

Analyze the sales department working results. Review each employee sales results and make a decision on payments of wage and sales percentage.

Report by payment systems

Analyze PSPs popularity. You can review the frequency of one or another payment system usage to deposit money by traders. Thus, you can understand whether to stimulate your traders to use another system for money deposits or not.

Report by period

Analyze sales volumes and company profit. You can specify the period of information display: by days, weeks, months, years. According to this data you can track changes in your clients trading activity and make timely decisions.

All reports are included in any UTIP CRM package. Contact the UTIP Sales Department for more information.

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