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The new features of trading terminals.October 2020
7 October 2020

In the new release of UTIP 2.21.0, you can log in to PC Trader by email, and switch between accounts without authorization. In trading terminals, a broker can specify their own registration page.

We have configured integration with APS (Access Point Server). APS provides quotes flow, excluding the trading server. This reduces the load on the trading server and solves the problem of connecting from different parts of the world.

Easy login to PC Trader

In the PC Trader terminal, you can log in by email — the trader no longer needs to remember their account numbers, just know the email address and password to the account. When authorizing through the account number, it will be possible to log in using the broker's domain name without specifying the server IP.

Switching between accounts

A trader can link several accounts to one account and switch between them without additional password entry.

The transition to the Trader's Room and to the account replenishment page is configured without requesting the trader's login and password.

Broker's own registration page

In the registration and login form, you can now add a link to your own registration page. Now the broker can develop their own form with the required fields and content using the API documentation of the Trader’s Room.

For the link to appear in the registration form, the broker needs to add it in the terminal settings. After that, an icon will appear on the authorization page next to the registration point, which indicates the transition to a third-party resource.

When clicking on the "Registration" item, the trader will go to the form created by the broker. When working with a mobile terminal, the registration page will be opened in a mobile browser.

New Quote Table Design

In Mobile Terminal we have completely redesigned the concept of displaying the "Quotes" table, now the data is displayed in the form of tiles.

A new form "Information" has appeared. At any time from the "Quotes" table, the trader will be able to view the complete information on the symbol of interest.

A new indicator has been added - price change as a percentage for a symbol per session.

To open a new market or pending order, view information on a symbol, a trader just needs to move the tile with the symbol to the left and click on the corresponding icon. When holding a certain tile for a long time, the trader will switch to the chart for the selected symbol.

In addition, we have improved the mechanism for editing the list with symbols in the "Quotes" table. A trader can click on the "Edit" icon and adjust the list of symbols by moving the tiles around the table. 

Other updates 

Symbols search is implemented in the trading panel of the terminals. When the trader starts entering the symbol name, the focus automatically moves to the desired line.

Comments for auto trading have been added to the PC Trader and server logs. Now in the action log, the trader will see when the position was opened or closed using auto trading.

We also added a display of IP addresses of managers ' connections and an indicator that shows that the Manager is currently connected.

For more information about the new features of trading terminals, please contact the sales Department.

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