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New graphics settings in the UTIP Mobile
24 September 2019

In the Mobile app UTIP the functionality for additional chart adjustment has been improved and extended. Now traders have the opportunity to adapt it for themselves.

Chart setting

On the "Chart" tab, new settings have been added that significantly expand the functionality and capabilities of the chart. Now you can choose 1 of 8 color schemes or control the display of elements on the chart: grid, Ask price and current price. Now you can add tick volumes to the chart.

The prohibition on the change of orientation of the application

In the Mobile app UTIP there is a prohibition on changing the orientation of the application from vertical to horizontal. This is done in order to improve the quality of the application and increase the speed of release of its updates.

Now, when you rotate the phone from vertical to horizontal position, the user will see an animated screensaver with the text "Landscape mode is available only for graphics". When you work with the Graph tab and its dialog boxes, the horizontal orientation of the application is still available.

New design of the Indicators dialog box

The entire list of indicators in the previous version of the application, was displayed in the dialog box when opened. The updated version displays only the indicators selected by the trader. They are supplemented with new intuitive icons, so the process of removing and editing indicators has become much easier. 

Also, the dialog box displays the main characteristics of the selected indicators, which allow you to distinguish them from each other. 

 Advanced settings

  • Zoom-in and zoom-out buttons added to the tab. 
  • Improved work with position markers on the chart. 
  • The Crosshair button has been added to the panel to determine the coordinates of the quotes or the chart.

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