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Two-factor authentication in WebOffice
5 August 2019

Two-factor authentication has been added to WebOffice and CRM applications. It provides additional protection for the accounts of brokerage company employees against unauthorized access by intruders.

How it works

When an employee authorizes into WebOffice or CRM, he receives an SMS with a code on his phone. He enters the verification code and only after that he gets access to the system.

Convenient setup

In the settings admin can:

1.Choose to which employee groups to enable two-factor authentication.

For WebOffice:

  • Administrators;
  • Staff.

For CRM:

  • Administration employees;
  • Sales managers.

2. Change ready-made templates and write unique texts for each active language.

3. Add Help. Help will be useful if employees have login problems.

Mailing via UniSender

WebOffice and CRM already have integration with UniSender, an international SMS messaging service that supports work with all popular telecom operators.

Delivery features

The ability to confirm a log in using an SMS code has been added for free. To activate the two-factor authentication option, the broker needs to create an account in the Unisender service (https://www.unisender.com/), and also register sender’s name with the carrier.

For more information about new features of WebOffice, please contact the sales department.

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