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Individual broker code and other UTIP terminal updates. December 2020
16 December 2020

The functionality for searching and adding a new symbol to the quotes table has been updated in WebTrader In the tablet and mobile version of the trader's terminal, the broker selection form has been replaced with the “Broker code” form.

Searching and adding a symbol in WebTrader

In WebTrader, we have added new functionality to search and add a new symbol to the quotes table. Now, when the trading terminal is launched for the first time, the 10 most popular symbols are available to the trader by default.To set a list of symbols that will be displayed for the trader at the first start, the broker needs to contact UTIP technical support. In the future, the trader will be able to add new symbols himself or hide unused ones from the "Quotes" table.

We also redesigned the mechanism for adding a symbol to the «Quotes» table, by adding a new form with a symbol search.

In the new release, the mechanism for opening a new chart has been updated. When a trader clicks on the "+" icon in the chart area, the same form will be opened as when adding a new symbol to the "Quotes" table.

Broker code

In the tablet version of WebTrader and in UTIP Mobile, we have replaced the "Broker Selection" form — a new "Broker Code" form has been added instead. Now, when the first launch of the trading terminal on a tablet or smartphone, the trader must enter the alphanumeric code of a particular broker.

For more information about the new features of trading terminals, please contact the sales department.

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