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Open a new crypto business

UTIP Crypto gives you everything you need to launch and manage your business quickly and cost-effectively:

Trading Platform
Company registration
Trader’s Room
Website development
PSP connection
Affiliate’s Room

Offer your clients
all the world's cryptocurrencies

Over 70 cryptocurrencies and their cross-symbols with
other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
Real-time cryptocurrency quotes, non-stop
24 hours and 7 days a week.

Advantages of a Crypto Broker over a Crypto Exchange

Crypto Exchange (Spot) Crypto Broker (CFD)
Crypto Exchange vs Crypto Broker Direct exchange of cryptocurrencies between traders Selling and buying cryptocurrency derivatives (CFDs)
Cryptocurrencies vs cryptocurrencies Yes Yes
Fiat vs cryptocurrencies Optionally Yes
Fiat vs fiat No Optionally
Stocks No Optionally
Commodities No Optionally
Liquidity and assets
An ability to work without liquidity No And you will need to ensure high trade volumes on all assets Yes Different work schemes are possible: A-Book, B-Book or a combination of both
Setting real supplies of cryptocurrency assets Compulsory For all traded assets Flexible Up to the trader’s choice
Technical provision of cryptocurrency reserves Difficult and time-consuming You need to maintain and protect access to numerous hot and cold wallets Simple Because you don’t need have to keep cryptocurrency reserves on all of your assets. All calculations can be done with the assets chosen by you as well as in fiat money
Trading features
Short positions Optionally Yes
Hedging positions No Yes
Margin trading Optionally Yes

Crypto Exchange income

Mainly just the commission. When using leverage, you take up high risks.

Crypto Exchange expenses

A comprehensive technical structure and its support.

Net profit of Exchange graph Net profit
of Exchange

Crypto Broker’s income

Independent risk and profit setting.
High leverage, flexible position hedging.

Crypto Broker’s expenses

A ready-made solution for all technical issues. Fixed payment.

Net profit of a Broker graph Net profit
of a Broker
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The most advanced software


Trading terminal for traders.
Customizable workspace.
Multiple charts simultaneously.
All popular indicators.

Trading apps are available on

Mobile trader

Active trading and maximum freedom for your clients.
Enjoy your trading in any place with UTIP mobile terminal.

Trading apps are available on

Trader’s Room

Automatic account opening.
Just one click is enough to switch between your account to the terminal and back.
All popular payment systems are already connected.
All account information is in one place.


Review clients’ trading results.
Carry out a review on company’s reports, managers, accounts.
The customer base is safe.
All changes of information in the Trader’s Room will immediately appear in the CRM.

Affiliate's Room

A tool for working with your company's referral program.
The broker can set the percentage of remuneration to affiliates for attracted clients, as well as the terms for fulfilling the conditions of the affiliate program (hold).
Data on the number of transitions, registrations and first deposits is available to you.

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Ready-made business within 2 months

Guidelines for opening a Crypto Broker from scratch.

Website for Crypto brokers

A good website fosters credibility and helps drive
the selling process.

  • Unique design will be developed: an exclusive logo, pages structure will be investigated, we will draw illustrations, banners and add animation;
  • Metrics connection;
  • Quotes, charts and economic calendar will be connected to your website, so you will get a dynamic website with up-to-date market information;
  • Data on traders will be sent directly to the CRM.

Organization of receiving funds

We will assist you with choosing payment solutions, prepare
the necessary documents and go through Compliance.
The TR already has multiple integrated payment solutions:

Get consistent growth
from an ever-expanding user base

Analyze and monitor
client results
Build a referral program
with the Affiliate's Room
Use plugins in the CRM
for email marketing
and your call center
Direct the flow
of leads to the site from advertising campaigns
Use our API
to integrate any third-party marketing tools

The software is designed
to ensure high reliability and security

Restrict access to trusted IP addresses only
Define access rights
for employees in the Manager terminal and CRM
Customer database
is protected against copying. Hide customer contact information in the CRM
Get DDoS attack protection with Cloudflare integration

Why UTIP Crypto?

Fast setup time
Easy-to-use apps
Transparent pricing
Detailed analytics
Safe and fast
Customer support
All-in-one solution
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Our managers will consult you,
show you presentations of all our solutions.
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