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MarketCheese. April 2022
7 April 2022

In the MarketCheese service update a convenient search in the “Analytics” and “Markets” sections has been added. In the mobile version of the service a transfer to the mobile trader’s terminal has been implemented.

Search in the “Analytics” and “Markets” sections

You can now use a local search in the “Analytics” and “Markets” sections. This makes it easier and faster to find the right trading ideas, research, events and symbols.  

Transfer to the mobile terminal

The mobile terminal can now be accessed from the MarketCheese service. To do this, log in on the website from your mobile device, go to the menu and click the “Web graph” button.

All functions of the desktop version are available in the mobile terminal.

Publish your trading ideas, read research of analysts, copy widgets to your web sites. Link to our MarketCheese website.

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