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MarketCheese. October 2023
6 October 2023

The upcoming update of the MarketCheese service has been introduced with the event filter by market segments. The option to track the output of related economic indicators on the pages ''Metals' and ''Energy commodities'' has become available.

Event filter by market segments in calendar

The economic calendar is now more user-friendly. It has become possible to filter events by a particular market segment: currencies, metals or energy commodities. When selecting a segment in the list of events, the filter will be applied to the ones that are likely impact the chosen market.

The widget has flexible settings and is easily integrated into the website!

Events on metals and energy commodities

The block "Publication of indicators" has been added to the pages of symbols referred to metals and energy commodities. The block contains an economic calendar that shows changes in assets. Each event provides precise information about actual and predicted values, as well as the history of the indicator output.

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