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Trader’s Room. June 2021
23 June 2021

We have added an ability to automatically log in upon registration in the Trader's Room 2.11.0. We have also integrated a new currency and made notifications when an account balance is zero. We have improved the display of the Market Cheese widgets. In the mobile Trader's Room 1.4.0, a button redirecting to the mobile terminal has been added.

Zero balance notifications

On the main page of the Trader’s Room zero balance notification has been added. Following the link from the notification traders can immediately go to the payment page, deposit an account and continue trading. So, traders won’t miss the moment when they need to deposit the account.

If there are several accounts, the page for the first account will be opened in the list.

New currency «Turkish lira»

New currency Turkish lira (TRY) has been added. Now traders can:

– Open trading accounts in TRY, if a broker has set up such an ability.

– Make TRY the basic currency in the profile settings.


Improved analytics widgets by Market Cheese

We have changed the display of analytics widgets on the main page. An ability to go to the full version of the widget in the “Analytics” block has been added.


Automatic login upon registration

Traders will be able to automatically log in the Trader's Room after activating the account using the link from the registration email. You no longer need to enter your login information manually. The system will automatically authorize the trader in the Trader’s Room.

Switch from mobile Trader’s Room to a trading terminal without additional authorization

We have added the button of switching to the trading terminal from the mobile Trader’s Room. Traders can go to the mobile version of the trading terminal without additional authorization.

For more information about the new versions of the Trader’s Room 2.11.0 and mobile Trader’s Room 1.4.0, please contact the Sales department.

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