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New features of UTIP Office. May 2020
9 June 2020

In UTIP CRM ability to add group restrictions for the employees to log in by IP has been added. There is a separate administrator right to delete the requests. Royal Pay payment system for withdrawing funds has been added to Trader’s Room 2.5.0.

IP restriction

Now, the CRM administrator does not need to go into the card of each employee to enable IP login restriction - just select the necessary managers and set a group restriction.


Requests deletion rights

To avoid accidental deletion of the requests, you can give this right only to a limited group of employees. At the same time, managers will still have the opportunity to view and change the status of applications.

“Actions” table navigation

Also, the relationship between the Clients and Actions tables in UTIP CRM is configured not only through the client’s name, but also via email. This will allow employees to quickly navigate the "Actions" table.

Royal Pay payment system in Trader’s Room 

Royal Pay payment system for withdrawing funds has been added to Trader’s Room 2.5.0. Web office administrator can configure the necessary commission for it, the terms of the transfer, the currencies used and the description, as well as upload your logo. In order for the Royal Pay system to appear in the trader’s room, you need to enable it in the list of payment systems.


Moreover, a new payment method for “Royal Pay” - “Voucher” has been added. To add this method of payment, you just need to enable it in the settings of the payment system, and also select a currency for it.

To create a request for withdrawal of funds, the trader must indicate their details. After creating the application, the administrator of the personal account will receive a notification by e-mail and can immediately send it to the broker's employees for checking and transferring funds at the specified details.

For more information about the new features of UTIP CRM and Trader’s Room 2.5.0, contact the Sales department.

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