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The UTIP CRM and UTIP Admin. November 2022
17 November 2022

The UTIP CRM 2.29.0 has been updated with the "History" section in the client card and search filters by certain parameters in the "Requests" section. The UTIP Admin 2.27.0 has been updated with a function of disabling email confirmation.

UTIP CRM: "History"

The client card has been updated with a new ''History'' section geared to track changes for a specific trader in one place. The "History" section records client data updates. Any time the information about who, when and what client data changed is available. Plus, it is available to view data that have been edited or deleted.

UTIP CRM: "Requests"

The "Requests" section has been updated with search filters: by desk, the responsible, status and payment system. Now information is quickly searched by the required parameters. For example, find traders' requests for the last month from a certain manager.

UTIP Admin

The UTIP Admin has been updated with a function of disabling email confirmation when registering a trader. So traders can immediately go down to business in the UTIP Trader's Room.

For more information about the work of the UTIP CRM 2.29.0 and the UTIP Admin 2.27.0, feel free to contact the Sales department.

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