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UTIP CRM. February 2024
12 February 2024

In the UTIP CRM 2.37.0 release, we have moved the “Requests” and ‘’Tasks’’ tabs to a new engine, updated their design and enhanced the system performance. We have additionally embedded the file upload to the client’s notes.

Updated “Requests” and “Tasks” tabs

Completely moving the “Requests” and “Tasks” tabs to a new engine “React”, we’ve made the interface fast and responsive. We’ve also streamlined their design and performance.

File upload to client’s notes

The “Overview” page in the client’s card now features a file upload to the note. This allows CRM users to keep and freely access documents, images, and other files pertaining to specific client records, thereby optimizing the business process and ensuring more precise analysis of customer interactions.

For further information about the UTIP CRM 2.37.0, feel free to contact our sales department.

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