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UTIP Desktop. June 2022
3 June 2022

A new release of the UTIP Desktop 2.31.0 is featured with a beta version of UTIP Algotrading, a solution for self-development of trading robots.

UTIP Algotrading

UTIP Algotrading allows to independently develop trading robots, run them and manage them in the Trader’s Desktop Terminal.

Robots execute a trading strategy without constant monitoring by the trader. When writing trading robots, traders can use many assets in their strategy, set various boundary conditions, time periods and much more. 


  •  Saving time in trading.
  • Speed of transactions.
  • Lack of human factor and emotional decisions.
  •  Ability to work 24 hours a day.
  • High quality diversification.
  • Wide range of assets and strategies.

Integrated code editor

The Desktop Terminal has an integrated environment for writing trading robots in the popular object-oriented programming language C#.


On the backtesting tab you can:

  • Test robots on historical data and evaluate any trading idea or hypothesis objectively.
  • Reveal (or not) the statistical value of a trading strategy.
  • Optimize and improve the strategy that deserves the right to live trading.

Please, contact Sales Departmentto get more detailed information about the UTIP Desktop 2.31.0. 

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