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UTIP Trade Server. June 2024
14 June 2024

In the UTIP Trade Server 2.43.0 release, we’re pleased to inform you about a newly incorporated coverage functionality mainly applied to liquidity providers via the Financial Information eXchange protocol. The option to reroute positions to large liquidity providers via the FIX API is now active.

Coverage through the Financial Information eXchange protocol

In addition to the already existing solution ‘’Smart Dealer’’, what we’ve come up with is a by- FIX-protocol coverage. The trading server is initially connected to the UTIP TradeBridge which handles the covered trading positions in the platform. Next, these positions are adjusted in accordance with the FIX protocol and finally fetched to the liquidity provider via the FIX API.

FIX API messages are composed of common tags. This ensures an array of complicated financial data to be decoded with the provider’s system post-haste. Hence, the result is almost instantaneous.

We offer a single solution that is suitable for dealing with any liquidity provider and customizable to the provider's FIX API.

The liquidity is adjusted for trading accounts and symbols. But the coverage is just a matter of a few clicks. 

UTIP is already partnering with the liquidity aggregator ‘’Tools for Brokers’’ that gives the way to 90+ providers. The broker is able to decide on whether to sign an agreement with the already integrated provider and instantly connect the coverage to the UTIP platform or galvanize the integration with a new liquidity provider.

For further information about the UTIP Trade Server 2.43.0, do not hesitate to contact our sales team

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