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UTIP WebTerminal New and UTIP Mobile “My Trading”. December 2023
8 December 2023

The UTIP WebTerminal New 2.10.0 has been updated with a new type of stop order value setting, a new terminal color mode and volume presets in the ''New order'' window. The UTIP Mobile ''My Trading'' has been upgraded with the main menu and trading panel in the Chart module.

UTIP WebTerminal New: a new type for setting stop orders— in Profit

Previously, stop orders were set on the basis of points and outright price. Now, while setting, a trader views indicated profits to be taken out or losses to be incurred by putting Take profit or Stop Loss accordingly. The expected profit from the stop order execution is also displayed when stop orders are placed in Price and Points.

This allows market participants to track their profit or loss when setting or changing stop orders. If the trader fails to reach a profitable outcome, the stop order can be changed with an automatic recalculation of all values.

UTIP WebTerminal New: volume presets

The presets for volume position when placing orders have been updated. Currently, the order window keeps the last chosen volume, as well as a maximum lot volume for the order being placed. All presets are shown in a drop-down.

UTIP WebTerminal New: new color mode

The dark mode has become available in the terminal. The palette of colors and shades groups well with a new terminal interface, keeping it highly functional and user-friendly.

UTIP Mobile “My Trading": updated menu

User's verification data and status are now displayed in the main menu. From there, you can go to the document download section.

A new "Trader's Room" section has also been added to the menu. The feature list includes:

— Manage your accounts;

— Open a new account;

— Deposit or withdraw funds from the account and make transfers between them;

— View the payment history;

— Go to the tickets.

When selecting one of the "Trader's Room" items, the trader will automatically log into the Trader's Room. While leaving the "Trader's Room" menu, market players are able to quickly turn back to the trading activity in the mobile terminal.This solution is geared to facilitate access to the necessary Trader's Room features, reduce time from registration to the start of active trading and contribute to deposit boost and the loyalty of traders.

For more information about the UTIP WebTerminal New 2.10.0 and UTIP Mobile “My Trading" 1.43.0, please contact the sales department.

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