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UTIP WebTrader New. December 2022
23 December 2022

The UTIP WebTrader New 2.4.0 release offers an updated "Market Forecasts", a new "About Us" section, and more features to implement. 

“Market Forecasts” section: Forecast Filtering

The ability to filter forecasts by author or symbol has been added, making it easier to search for the most interesting forecasts. 

“Market forecasts” section: new buttons

"Download Last Quotes" is used for updating the chart by the symbol right in the forecast.

"New Order" enables opening a position, or placing an order from a published forecast.

"New chart" provides opening a new chart by the symbol specified in the forecast.

Tools for technical analysis

The chart is a key element of the trading terminal. In order to facilitate its convenient processing, new tools for technical analysis have been added, including:

  • Rectangle;
  • Triangle;
  • Trajectory;
  • Area;
  • Brush;
  • Marker.

The chart has also been updated with new comment objects:

  • Text; 
  • Footnote;
  • Note.

Properties of technical analysis tools

The properties of technical analysis tools may be accessed directly from the chart, i.e. by double-clicking on the object. This feature enables editing of objects right on the chart.

New updates are released to help traders create better technical analysis models and make it easier to work with the charts.

Notice of actions performed

To make the interface more user-friendly, we have implemented notifications on the actions performed. This makes the interaction with the terminal intuitive, so that new users can better navigate in the interface.

“About Us” section

This page displays the following data:

  • contact information of the broker's firm, 
  • software version, 
  • promotional banner or logo.

Please contact our sales department to find out more about UTIP Desktop 2.34.0.

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