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UTIP Mobile. February 2022
10 February 2022

The “Chart” tab in the economic event card

The “Chart” presents a history on a specific event. Now you can track changes in forecast and actual values on each economic event for several years. Or choose only one of the two indicators, push off it and plan your trading strategies.

New parameter “Influence on the market” in the “Description” tab

“Influence on the market” shows symbols that may be affected by this or that economic event. If you click on the symbol icon in the “Influence on the market” section, the chart on this symbol will open.

Search on events in the “Economic calendar”

To search for the required event, it’s not necessary to set a search period and sort by a country. It’s enough to know the event’s name, enter at least two characters in the search bar and all available matches will be displayed.

Please contact the Sales Department to get more information on the mobile terminal 1.32.0.

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