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UTIP WebTrader New. April 2023
12 April 2023

UTIP WebTrader New 2.6.0 has been updated, thus presenting new features for its users: a MarketCheese account connection, a chart screenshot viewer, Spanish and Polish localization, a help center for traders, and a preview button to track all the changes in technical analysis object settings. 

Connecting a MarketCheese account

Traders are now able to connect a MarketCheese account. MarketCheese is a service that monitors current events and trading strategies in the financial markets. Securities dealers may publish their own forecasts on the platform and subscribe to the authors they are interested in. 

By analyzing other authors’ forecasts and publishing new ones, traders can be more confident when making their decisions and experiment more with trading strategies. In addition, the possibility to post self-produced forecasts may attract new analysts and other market players, thereby facilitating increased trade. 

It is also possible to copy a favourite forecast to the terminal chart in order to analyze it and put the finishing touches. 

Making chart screenshots

A new "Screenshot" feature makes it easier for traders to share their experience by copying the chart tab as a whole, combined with all the objects of technical analysis placed on it.

Creating a trader’s help center

A help center for traders and new screen tips have been implemented for various terminal modules, providing definitions of the terms used. This will be a great help for newcomers to get a better grasp on the trading terminology and use the terminal more efficiently. 

Modules that have been added with the screen tips are the following:

  • Overview
  • Symbol information
  • New Order
  • Status bar

Providing Polish and Spanish localization

To ensure the best global experience, UTIP WebTrader New is now available in Polish and Spanish.

Previewing changes in technical analysis object settings

A new feature to preview configuration changes has been implemented. Now there is no need to make adjustments to the chart objects before seeing the changes, as they are displayed in real time. If the settings are incorrect, the changes can be reversed and the parameters will be reset to their default values.

Feel free to contact our Sales Department to get more information about UTIP WebTrader New 2.6.0.

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