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Updates in WebTrader and Mobile Trader. April of 2020
24 April 2020


In the April update, we have fixed several issues that occurred while working in the Mozilla Firefox browser on iOS devices. Also, it is now possible for authorized with email traders to be redirected to the Trader’s Room already authorized. And chart loading has been speeded up while starting the terminal for the first time. 

Going from the terminal to the Trader’s Room already authorized

Now traders do not need to additionally authorize in the Trader’s Room when going from the trading terminal — signing in occurs automatically. When traders authorize in the trading terminal via the “Login by email” form, they can see the “Trader’s Room” button on the main form. When they click on it, they will go directly to the Trader’s Room. Trader’s Room will open in the same browser tab. 

In order to return to the terminal, traders need to click on the “Trading terminal” button. 

Chart loading while starting the terminal for the first time 

We have revised and optimized the work with the quotes archive. This led to speeding up of chart loading when starting the terminal for the first time.

Mobile Trader

As in WebTrader, we have revised the logic of the work with quotes archive in the mobile terminal. Now when starting the mobile terminal for the first time and going to the “Chart” tab, the chart will load faster for the selected instrument.

Moreover, we have fixed a bug that resulted in bonus balance displaying in the reports when the option to show bonuses is turned off. 

In this update, Mobile Trader stability and performance for Apple mobile devices have been improved.

Please, contact our Sales department for detailed data about the new features of UTIP Mobile Trader and WebTrader

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