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Trading terminals and Manager Terminal updates. August 2020
6 August 2020

In the WebTrader and Mobile Trader releases, the function of proxying the queries to the UTIP server has been realized. In the WebTrader, the process of trading with pending orders has been significantly refined.

Trading server protection

In the WebTrader and Mobile Trader, we have started to support the functionality that helps to hide the location of the trading servers. This functionality helps to hide the IP-address of the servers that reinforces their level of protection against DDoS attacks. Also, the general fault tolerance of the servers increases, and smooth work with them is insured.

Trading with pending orders 

In the WebTrader release, it becomes possible to change the volume and price of open pending orders in the Trading panel. To do it, when the Trading panel is open, traders should select the pending order by clicking on its marker on the chart or on its row in the “Trade” tab. The values will automatically appear in the Trading panel. To save the changes, traders need to confirm them.


The maximum volume for the pending orders has been limited. From now on, it is impossible to create a pending order with the volume more than 999.99 lots for the 0.01 minimum lot groups, with the volume more than 999.90 lots for the 0.10 minimum lot groups, and with the volume more than 999.00 lots for the 1.00 minimum lot groups. 

Also, in the August release of the WebTrader, two new types of pending order closing statuses (“Invalid calculation type” and “Trade forbidden”) have been added in the “Report” form. The “Invalid calculation type” status is given to the pending orders, that were opened for the instruments with the “Index” calculation type, when the market price reaches the price specified in the order. The “Trade forbidden” status is given to the pending orders that must have been executed after the quote, which should have caused the market order to open, appears when the market is closed.

Additional settings

In the WebTrader update, the design of the “Report” and “Dates selection” forms and layout of some elements on other forms have been set up. Now they match the general design of the Trading Terminal.

Manager Terminal optimization

We have optimized the rendering of the “Registrations”, “Online”, “Accounts”, “Risk Management - Accounts” tables. It helped to significantly reduce the loading time of data for the tables in the Manager terminal. 

Also, we have worked on optimizing the data loading for the groups and accounts. As a result, the loading speed of the data has been increased multiple times.

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