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Affiliate’s Room. August 2021
3 August 2021

We’ve made an automatic login to the Affiliate’s Room 1.10.0 after registration, added tags for promo materials and made a "seamless" transition from the mobile Trader’s Room.

Automatic login into the system after confirming registration

After confirming an account in the Affiliate’s Room, an automatic login into the app is performed. You don’t need to re-enter login details.

Tags for promo materials

We’ve added the ability to generate an HTML-code and add tags to promo materials. Thus, in the reports, partners can track which channels new clients have come from.

The button of transition to the Affiliate’s Room has been added in the mobile Trader’s Room

Traders can move from the mobile Trader’s Room into the mobile Affiliate’s room and back in one click, without additional authorization.

To get more information about a new version of the Affiliate’s Room 1.10.0, refer to our Sales Department.

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