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The Affiliate's Room and UTIP CRM. October 2021
13 October 2021

The function of setting own partnership types has been added to the Affiliate's Room 1.11.0. UTIP CRM 2.24.0 provides the Postback support and a brand-new "date picker" interface.

The Affiliate's Room: Setting the partnership types and manual rewards

Now brokers can independently set their own partnership types and define any conditions for them in the description.

Update Features:

– You can create as many new partnership types as you want with different conditions and assign them individually for each partner.

– It is necessary to charge remuneration to the affiliate's account manually.

– The broker can assign the partnership type in the affiliate's card.

– The affiliate can opt the appropriate partnership type when logging in to the Affiliate's Account.

UTIP CRM: Postback Support

Now it is possible to send a number of events from the UTIP CRM to the external system: deposits, trader status change etc. For example, the lead generator can get a real-time information on client’s status changes and its deposits.

Currently, three types of events can be sent out:

– the client's first deposit;

– deposits;

– the client's data change.

UTIP CRM: New "Date Selection" interface

Date and time picker has become more user-friendly- we have improved the design and mechanism of the interface.


For more information about the work of the Affiliate's Room 1.11.0 and UTIP CRM 2.24.0, contact the sa les department .

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