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Affiliate’s Room and the UTIP CRM. December 2021
10 December 2021

The ability of applying individual remuneration terms for partners has been added to the Affiliate’s Room 1.12.0. In the UTIP CRM 2.25.0, the "Employees" page has been updated, and a new event has been added to the Postback.

Affiliate’s Room: Applying individual remuneration terms

Now, it is available to apply individual remuneration terms for partners using "On the first deposits" partnership. Brokers can define an individual remuneration share and a Hold time.

UTIP CRM: New "Client Creation" event in Postback

The tasks relating to the CRM client creation from all the sources (except the import):

– manual creation;

– adding via the API;

– trader registration.

UTIP CRM: Updated "Employees" page

–improved a scrolling engine;

–updated the design;

–made the performance faster.

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