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Impaya — new PSP for the UTIP brokers
30 January 2018

Impaya PSP has been integrated into the UTIP Trader’s Room.

Impaya remotely opens accounts for Forex brokers. Payment system does not require a Forex license. It works with companies from any jurisdiction.

About the company

Website: https://www.impaya.com/

The company was founded in Latvia in 2015.

The service includes day-and-night multilingual technical support.

More than 500 businesses in 185 countries of the world are Impaya’s clients. Impaya works with the low-risk and high-risk companies.

Payment methods

Impaya takes 4 % – 7,5 % for money deposit and withdrawal from the merchant account. The provider charges 900$ plug-in commission.

MegaTransfer, Impaya, PaySeven, GoPay, Ecopayz, Cauri, OrangePay, PayBoutique, WinPay, RBK Money, SorexPay and Onpay payment systems are plugged in the UTIP Trader’s Room for today.

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