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New features of the MarketCheese service. December 2020
15 December 2020

In the new release of MarketCheese, a promo button has been added to the economic calendar widget, and the chart widget can now be expanded to full screen.

Promo button in the economic calendar 

A promo button has been added to the economic calendar widget. You can configure the operation of this button so that when clicking on it, the user will go to the trading terminal, to the advertising page of your site or to any other section.

In the settings, you can set the colour of the promo button so that it could stand out against the general background of the widget.

Expanding the chart in full screen

We've added the ability to expand the chart widget to full screen. So, users will be able to work with the charts in a more familiar format, without being distracted by the external components of the site, where the widget is embedded.

Previously, this feature was only on the page for viewing data by symbol, now the button for expanding to full screen is built into the widget itself.

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