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UTIP Mobile updates. April 2021
16 April 2021

A new "Portfolio" section has appeared in the mobile terminal. You can view the account card, open trades and open new orders there. We have also updated the menu.

Introduced a new "Portfolio" section

We made it instead of the "Trading" and "Account" sections. Now the "Portfolio" combines their functionality.

The "Portfolio" section consists of the "Open Transactions" and "Account Card" blocks.

Account card has a new design

It displays:

  • current funds;
  • profit on opened transactions;
  • account balance;
  • the level of funds;
  • hedge for open transactions;
  • available funds;

New buttons in the account card

Depending on the type of account used and the configured deposit parameters, different buttons will be displayed in the card.

The "Go to live account" button. The button will be displayed in the card if the trader logs in with a demo account, and he has a live account.

The "Deposit" button. It is displayed if the trader has logged in to a live account. If the balance is zero, the button will be highlighted in orange. This draws users' attention to the fact that they need to deposit their trading account.

After clicking on the button, the deposit dialog will be opened in the mobile app.

The "New Order" button. As well as "Deposit", it is displayed if the trader has opened a real trading account. If the balance is zero, the "New Order" button is unclickable-it is activated immediately after the deposit.

After clicking on the button, the "New Market Order" dialog will be opened for traders.

Added the account selector

In the "Portfolio" section, traders can switch between their live and demo accounts. Calling the selector, a list of their accounts will be opened.

The list displays:

  • account type;
  • trading account number;
  • trading account funds;
  • trading account currency;
  • an icon indicating which of the available accounts is currently active.

Updated the menu

We removed the "Account" and "Trade" items, because the functionality of these sections is combined in the "Portfolio".

We added the broker's company logo to the header of the mobile app menu. 

For more information about the new version of UTIP mobile 1.27.0, please contact the sales department.

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