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Client base protection in UTIP CRM
20 February 2020

In UTIP CRM, it is now possible to hide contact information from users. Now you can protect your client base from unscrupulous managers. 

Contact Information Protection

Settings allow you to hide the phone, email, address and other customer contacts. At the same time, the manager can still contact the client simply by clicking on the “Call” button. The call will be made through the built-in VoIP. The phone number will remain hidden.

Telfin, Alitel and Binotel VoIP services are now integrated in UTIP CRM.

Hiding only selected fields

In CRM, you can hide not all the fields, but only selected ones. For example, only phone or only email. Instead, the user will see a lock icon.

Individual access rights

When client contact data protection is enabled, the ban is set for all CRM users at once. Access to information for an individual user can be opened through his card.

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