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Protection from DDоS-attacks and advanced security in UTIP WebTrader
10 April 2019

The trader's web terminal now supports services that provide reverse proxying (for example, the Cloudflare service and its equivalents). Thanks to the implementation of additional services in the trader's web terminal, new functions have appeared and the work of those that already exist has improved.

Advanced functionality

  • Statistics collection: the broker has the opportunity to view the number of requests, track the transmitted traffic, etc.
  • Advanced security: hiding the actual IP address of the server on which the web terminal is scaled.
  • Increased response speed: using the CDN service, the web terminal loads faster.
  • Improved protection against DDoS attacks.

In the near future, these services will also be integrated into UTIP CRM and the Trader's Room.

For more information about the new features of UTIP WebTrader, please contact our sales department.

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