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User-friendly email templates in the new version of Web Office
1 March 2018

New email templates were implemented in the Web Office This is about personal e-mails the users get after one or another completed action, e.g. registration, account opening etc.

Templates editing

At his discretion, the broker can easily edit built-in Web Office ready-made templates. The templates can be edited in 2 ways: textual or html-mode.


Special system variables or keywords can be added into the content of the email. When the email is sent, these keywords will be replaced with information from the user’s account. Such function can be useful, for example, when it is necessary to add an individual name reference to the email for each user.

Emails forming

The email can be formed in a corporate style and important motivating elements can be added. Images, hyperlinks and company’s logo are easily attached in the templates editor.


The broker will be able to take into account the peculiarities of traders from different countries by creating unique email template for each language.

Contact Sales Department for more details about new version of Web Office.

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