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Authorization ban by account number in the WebTrader and the Mobile Trader
8 June 2020

Now there is the ability to prevent traders from authorization by account number in WebTrader and Mobile Trader A quick transition from the WebTrader to opening and replenishing an account has been configured.

Disabling terminal login by account number

The administrator can disable the ability to log in to the trading terminal by account number. This will allow traders to finally switch to using only email to log in to the trading terminal.

After disabling the ability to log in by account number, all other functions that have been available for setting up accounts will also be disabled. For example, a trader will not be able to change the password for the account.

Opening and replenishment of an account

If a trader logs in to the Web terminal via email, he will be able to immediately go to the Trader’s Room to the “Open account” form. To do this, just click the "Open Account" button in the terminal.

To replenish the account immediately from the trading terminal, click on the "Make a deposit" button. After that, the trader will be taken to the “Account replenishment” form, where the real account will already be indicated.

Additional authorization in the Trader’s Room is not required, and the required form will be opened in the same browser tab.

Color palette configuration

Previously, traders used only a ready-made color palette to adjust the colors of various elements of charts and indicators. Now the trader can set the required color of the selected element using the RGB color model.

List of countries in the Mobile Trader

A drop-down list of countries has been added to the Mobile Trader registration form. Now, traders do not need to manually fill in the "Country" field - just select the required value from the drop-down list. After a trader selects the required country, the international telephone code of that country will be automatically substituted in the “Telephone” field. This speeds up the process of registering new traders.

For more information about the new features of WebTrader and Mobile Terminal, please contact the Sales department.

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