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Company news
16 February 2021
New MarketCheese features. February 2021

In the February Marketcheese update we made it possible to call any js-function when clicking on a promo button. We also accelerated data flow to widgets using WebSocket, added time zone definition in the user's browser.

The ability to call a js-function when clicking on a promo button

One of the unique features of our widgets is the ability to place a promo button, clicking on which you can go to any advertising pages of your website. Now there are more opportunities. You can call any js-function on your page when clicking on this button. What exactly the function will be responsible for is up to you. For example, an authorized transition to a trading terminal, opening a registration form or subscribing to news on your website. In each widget configurator we have added a convenient selector that helps to configure the way the promo button will work: following a link or calling a js-function. Please pay attention that to change the way the widget functions, you need to update the script on your website.

WebSocket widgets

We have improved the Charts widget and Economic calendar. Now thanks to the WebSocket technology data arrives practically without delays. Live quotes on the charts allow you to monitor the state of the market in real time. Timely updating of data on economic indicators in the calendar allows you to quickly respond to changes.

Browser time in calendar

In the economic calendar it was possible to choose any time zone according to which data was displayed. It could be done either on the stage of configuring the widget and while using it. The inconvenience was that if you select the time zone +3 when configuring, for all the users the data was displayed in this time zone. Now we have added a separate item "Browser time". This option determines the time zone in the user's browser and displays the corresponding data. Customize both in the configurator and the built-in widget.

Check out our widgets, view data for market analysis and new research by analysts on the MarketCheese website.

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16 February 2021
Updates of the Trader's Room. February 2021

The Market Cheese widgets have been built into the Trader's Room 2.10.0, the trading terminal has been integrated via iframe. The manual payment systems have been added to the Mobile Trader's Room 1.3.0.

The Market Cheese widgets are now in the Trader's Room

Now there is a new tab in the Trader's Room 2.10.0 named "Analytics". It contains four MarketCheese widgets. The widgets allow you to monitor the state of the markets and their dynamics online, as well as help to carry out technical and fundamental analysis.

Market condition

This widget shows the current state of the market by symbols divided into groups. It allows you to find out the exact price at a specific time and see the dynamics for different periods.

Economic calendar

It is a calendar with an event feed by country. It shows all the important financial news of the Forex market. It also allows you to view past and upcoming economic events, dates of publication of important economic reports.

Character screener

It is a classic panel displaying up-to-date information on quotes. For each symbol, you can see additional information, including the chart, minimum and maximum values for different periods.

Chart by symbol

The widget offers full-fledged charts for financial instruments that can be easily customized for any task using the configurator. You can place indicators on it, draw lines and add symbols.

Integration of the Web Terminal into the Trader's Room via iframe

We have also integrated the Web Terminal into the Trader's Room via iframe. The terminal opens when you click on the required item in the menu of the Trader's Room. Read more here.

Adding manual payment systems in the Mobile Trader's Room

In the mobile version of Trader's Room 1.3.0, it has now become possible to add and configure manual payment systems for withdrawing funds from the user's account. Thanks to the new function, it is possible to provide an unlimited number of withdrawal methods on traders' accounts.

Note that transactions in the manual payment systems are not automatically executed. The broker needs to process them themselves.


For detailed information about the new versions of the Trader's Room 2.10.0 and Mobile Trader's Room 1.3.0, please contact the Sales department.

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12 February 2021
CRM and WebOffice update. February 2021

CRM 2.21.0 introduces currency selector for report generation and the ability to duplicate leads. In WebOffice 2.19.0 setting the order of payment methods is added.

Currency selector

Currency selector is added to the CRM. You can choose which currency the “Sales Report” will be displayed in: EUR or USD. Conversion of amounts in the report is calculated based on exchange rates for each day.

Duplicate leads

CRM now has a lead duplicate setting. The manager can create duplicate clients through the client card, API ("createLead" function) and when importing clients. In this case, checking for duplicates by e-mail and phone will be disabled.

Payment methods setting

You can set up the order of payment methods for Trader’s Room in WebOffice. The order can be changed both for entire groups of payments and for payment methods within these groups.

Please contact the Sales Department for more information on a new version of CRM.

Follow all the news in the News section on our website.