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Company news
10 April 2019
Protection from DDоS-attacks and advanced security in UTIP WebTrader

The trader's web terminal now supports services that provide reverse proxying (for example, the Cloudflare service and its equivalents). Thanks to the implementation of additional services in the trader's web terminal, new functions have appeared and the work of those that already exist has improved.

Advanced functionality

  • Statistics collection: the broker has the opportunity to view the number of requests, track the transmitted traffic, etc.
  • Advanced security: hiding the actual IP address of the server on which the web terminal is scaled.
  • Increased response speed: using the CDN service, the web terminal loads faster.
  • Improved protection against DDoS attacks.

In the near future, these services will also be integrated into UTIP CRM and the Trader's Room.

For more information about the new features of UTIP WebTrader, please contact our sales department.

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8 April 2019
Trust management service ProInvestor in Trader’s Room

Improved service of trust management ProInvestor with more comfortable interface and optimized functionality has been added in Trader’s Room 

Basic features work has been improved

All basic features of ProInvestor are available in new, improved way. It has become easier for the trader to create and close stock and master accounts, manage them, invest and transfer funds.

Most profitable accounts of ProInvestor on main page of Trader’s Room 

The main page of the trader’s office displays charts showing the most profitable ProInvestor accounts. This attracts the attention of the trader and motivates him to invest.

If the trader is already working with ProInvestor, then on the main page there are graphs showing the profitability of his investor accounts. On the charts there is a button "Deposit", with which you can quickly add funds to the account.

Profit charts and key numbers of the accounts in one table

A table with brief information on stock and master accounts has been added to the ProInvestor service. It also displays profit charts. This allows you to visually compare the indicators of accounts and select an option for investment. You can invest in a stock or master account directly in the table without having to go over tabs.

On the page of each account a trader sees detailed charts for different periods: for a week, month, quarter, half a year, year. Furthermore, on the page there is information about the number of investors, the amount of investment and their result.

Only real master accounts

In the updated module there is no demo version of the master accounts, so the trader can only invest in a real account and get real profit.

For more information about the new features of Trader's Room, please contact our sales department.

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1 April 2019
The same email to log in UTIP Mobile and Trader's Room

In UTIP Mobile the process of authorization in the application and switching between accounts is improved, integration with APS (Access Point Server) is configured. All authorization processes now take place on the APS side, so the loading on the trading server is reduced and it is possible to connect from different parts of the world.

Also, traders have the opportunity to instantly switch between accounts without entering login and password.

Easy registration and login

In the new release, we have added the ability to register and log in UTIP Mobile using e-mail. Now the trader does not need to remember his account numbers — it is enough to know the email and password for the account.

Password recovery function has been added. If the trader forgets his account password, he can recover it via email without contacting technical support.

Now you can add links to any legal documents of the broker to the account registration form. Now, in order to successfully complete the registration procedure, the trader will need to confirm that he has read these documents and agrees with their content.

The credentials under which the trader registered in the mobile terminal can be used to log in the Trader’s Room.

List of brokers

Once a trader enters an application, he sees a list of all brokers, sorted by name. The trader can use the search bar and quickly find the broker. 

Multiple accounts in one account

You can link several accounts to one account, the full list of which will be displayed in the terminal in the "Account" menu. The trader will be able to switch between accounts from this list without additional password input.

When registering an account, two accounts are automatically created: Demo and real.

Delivery features

The update comes free of charge. New features are enabled by default for brokers who have UTIP Trader’s Room. Most of the listed functionality will be available only for customers that have APS connected.

For more information about the new features of UTIP Mobile, please contact the sales department.

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