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Company news
10 February 2021
Integration of the WebTrader into the Trader’s Room via iframe

We have released February WebTrader update 1.21.0. Now the WebTrader is integrated into the Trader's Room via iframe and opens when clicking on the required tab in the Trader’s Room menu.

Now two modes of trading are available for traders: via browser on the terminal page and in the Trader’s Room on a broker’s website. At the same time the functionality of the trading terminal in the Trader’s Room remained practically unchanged.

It is possible to use the new function only in the Trader’s Room with activated ACS (AccountsServer). You can pre-activate and configure the new function in the Trader’s Room. 

Please contact the Sales Department for more information on the new version of the WebTrader 1.21.0.

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9 February 2021
Affiliate’s Room: new referral’s registration notification and assigning them to the partners

Affiliate’s Room 1.8.0 is now compatible with the first edition of the Trader’s Room. Notifications about new referrals registrations had been added. The possibility of assigning referrals to a specific partner has been added.

Compatibility with the first version of the Trader’s Room

Previously, partner referral links worked only with the Trader's Room of the second edition. Now they are automatically generated to work with the first edition of the Trader’s Room.

New Referrals registration notification

When a new referral is registered in the Trader's Room, the administrator receives a notification email. Notifications allow you to respond more quickly to new registrations of referral’s traders.

Assigning referrals to the partners

Now you can manually assign a referral to a specific partner via CRM. This function will be useful if the trader has not registered using the partner's referral link.

For detailed information about the new version of Affiliate’s Room 1.8.0 please contact the sales department.

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24 December 2020
Happy New Year 2021!

Dear friends, clients, colleagues! Happy New Year!

This year was full of challenges, restrictions, uncertainties. But it made us stronger and taught us working in new conditions.

This year we have things to be proud of. And today we want to sum up the results of the outgoing year.

Trader’s terminals have become more convenient. Now the trader can:

  • log in by email
  • choose a broker by individual code
  • switch between accounts without additional authorization
  • change colors on the chart

We have redesigned quotes window in Mobile Trader.

We’ve added search by symbols in terminals.

We gave brokers an opportunity to make their own registration page.

Launched a new product – Affiliate’s Room

Affiliate’s room is a powerful tool for working with broker company’s referral program. It helps to attract more clients.

Affiliate’s Room – is registration in several fields, preinstalled promo materials, a wide range of payment methods for getting rewards, convenient reports.

Strengthened the security of the CRM system

  • Added protection of the clients’ personal data in CRM
  • Set up individual access rights for managers

Improved MarketCheese platform

We have launched English version of the website.

We have released new widgets: “Quotes”, “Market leaders”, “Market Watch”.

We have added account registration and the ability to comment articles.

Made the servers work faster and safer

This year we began using the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) for receiving, storing, optimizing and visualizing logs of our products.

Thanks to ELK:

  • data is indexed in real time;
  • search and delivery of the results is accelerated, indexes are used for quick data selection from the database and display of the search result
  • there is an opportunity to analyze and visualize a large amount of data

We also made PC and Mobile Trader possible working through APS in proxy mode via Cloudflare using only two TCP ports provided by Cloudflare.

You can’t but agree that we’ve all worked hard in 2020. It’s time to have a rest, relax and spend time with our families, relatives, loved ones. Let the next year be easy, happy, full of great wonders and joy!

It’s high time to open champagne, fill the glasses and celebrate the New 2021 Year!

See you in the new year!

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